Crimsonclad's speech about Hive at Rare Evo

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Just wanted to share this clip so more people get to see it in case they've missed it and maybe leave some comments in the youtube video about their thoughts of our blockchain and Crim's speech.

Timestamp link to the beginning of the speech:

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Thank you for this kindness, friend, as you are correct.... I likely wouldn't have gotten around to sharing it. It is for the most part, talking about things that everyone here knows, and as such I always feel a bit preachy coming back and posting it for our users. You are also right that mobilizing our people to go to the link and leave comments etc. is a good thing to do for the chain overall and I appreciate you looking out for all of us 🖤

Just got the chance to watch it this morning, and realized I made an unintentional guest appearance whilst I was trying to find a good spot to take pictures... 😂

And as I said in my YT comment, you totally ROCKED!

Crimsonclad is very well spoken. While blockchain is not appealing to many, I love how her presentation showed how Hive, a blockchain could also be social media platform.

People of Hive, I encourage you to please share the video at the 3:00:00 timestamp. Thank you.

thank you for you words! Right now we're at a crossroads when we speak to other chains and builders- we're at a time where we're shifting towards why the tech stack and ideology matters more so than the monetization, and figuring out how to express that over the past year has been part of my focus.

That was a cool talk, love the laugh she made at the end! Verry charismatic!
Thanks for sharing :)

thank you 🖤 I finished about four minutes early and the emcee was on the other side of the room so I had to do the awkward yank myself off the stage walk, LOL!

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Crim is the best! Gonna have to give this a listen later!


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I will never be the best until i too own and sit upon a bone throne! hahaha

"People influence technology and we build technology to make things easier for us to be people. That's the idea of all of this."

Really like this.

There is so much to learn from crimsonclad's presentation. For a moment, I felt like I was part of the people seating in the hall and nodding in assertion to every thing she said. She presents the he networking aspect of Hive to the world very flawlessly.

One thing I know is that if I wasn't on Hive, I would totally want to join after listening to this presentation.
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Tuning in!

Watching now.

Just watched it, excellently done @crimsonclad!

Thanks! I did actually mostly improvise it based on the interactions and questions of the other projects that I met at the event, which is why not so much of what I said matched my slides. Sometimes it's better to try to speak to the crowd and hope you don't blow it 🤞

Thank you for this material, I will take a look at it.

where people gather, marketplaces are formed


Picking this up for Things Ms. Dee Likes this week -- and @crimsonclad, well done!

I've seen it. However, I do not understand in English I am an Indonesian citizen. what does it mean in the form of the letter R Jaka I noticed when I watch you tube you maybe you are discussing about web 3 or something else can you provide information about this I want your answer maybe I will understand a little and understand greetings


If you watch on youtube, maybe you can actovate subtitles?

if I get some time AND I remember (though it is unlikely) I will attempt to provide a transcript for it

I go watch

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Thank you Crim

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Great post

thanks for sharing

Erm... isn't this post indecently over rewarded?

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