Commission sketch- ENTRAPTA

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Hello bees ~
it's been a long period of time, I've been busy XD with a thousand and one things :3 most of them good and fun.
I think I had the best boss I've ever had AHAHAHAHA among other things ewe wkwkwkwkwkwkwkw.

For now I'm working on a commission for a recurring client :3 who really likes the entrapta character... I'd love to upload the drawing processes of the other commissions I've done for him.... but i have to censor a lot of things and mmmmmmmmm
I'm not sure how much censorship I really want to put on it, since every detail has cost its own.

let's talk about this commission more in depth!

my client wanted entrapta in a specific pose so .... I think today was the most organized creative process I've had in years.

the client sent a reference pose, this one here :


and this is where I start tracing the silhouette to get my eyes and hand used to the shapes I have to make.
but unfortunately most of my colleagues stop there, and after tracing they start coloring... this is my advice and if you want to follow it you will probably get better at what you do... there is nothing wrong with tracing a reference photo... but remember that this is to study the human form... the ideal is to learn how to compose and create in any style of drawing that pose...


if I started coloring here.. the drawing would look completely off especially since this is not in any drawing style that my client requested.

that's how we got here:

a harmonious silhouette following the reference given by the client and adapting it to the requested drawing style.
thanks for reading ! see you soon with this finished sketch :3


people are censoring themselves on hive? :)

weird just few hours ago i was checking your blog to see are you alive :)

Biiiil ! im alive .w.
just that sometimes I need breaks from blogging due to life situations, or work nwn but I'm back and I have a lot of interesting things to share :3

about censorship XD ... afraid of negative votes when I post art about nudity and sexuality related topics. u,u

so I don't know whether to do it or not LOL

i think there is a NSFW button when you post :)

never tried it, i think it works :)

Esa Entrapta va lucir más buena que su versión original. 😂

El boceto luce bien una buena figura para un personaje femenino.

jshdkjaksjhkash :3