"I Want More" - (Watercolour & Pen Scribble).

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Hello Steemians, 🤗

It's been a while I made a Watercolour painting so also a scribble drawing but today, I decided to merge the two by having a wash of the baby figure above before using my pen and scribble skills to bring the figure to life.

This is my first attempt on this; I really do not like having pen strokes on watercolour Paintings but I was just convinced to give it a try today and it wasn't really bad even though I wish I did something to attractive.



At first I wanted to make a sketch using a pencil but somehow my friend convinced me to just go ahead to make a wash with the Watercolor instead and I did.


I made a mistake at this point, I ought to have waited for the wash to dry well before I began to scribble on it but I didn't and the scribbles kind of sank into the paper.


At this point, the piece was already making some sense to me but I still needed to wait for it to dry well before applying more scribble strokes.


It finally got dried and I applied my scribbles again till I was able to achieve some depths and Contrast and it all came out beautiful!

Kindly share your thoughts as comments below, I'll be glad to read and reply them all. Thanks.



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Dropping a scribble drawing on a water color base looks like an interesting approach that takes advantage of the strenghts of both media.


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