Scribble frenzy II

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Hello beautiful people, how fair you today? I hope this post finds you well, i have a beautiful new scribble piece i hope to amuse you with today, i hope you'll fancy it.


I literally reconstructed this picture from piece, the reference was an old photo that barely shows the person in it, i had to stress every nerve in my brain just to get the details right.
I had to layer the scribble alot to give it depth and make it realistic enough.

The process shots










The end

I hope this progress shots serves as a point of elaboration for those that hope to try this style of art, i have more incoming as well as other styles of digital and traditional arts.

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Thank you for viewing my post
Have a nice one


Hello there. Hope it goes well with you. I like your drawing that's really good.

I also have that app on my phone. But I want to learn how to draw! How long are you doing it and are you using a phone pen to draw? Give me more advice please how you started have a blessed day

Bye 👋😄

Hello,Thank you for the complement, i really appreciate it.
The app is amazing with variety of tools, i would recommend you explore their effects one time to see what they do before you actually utilise them when creating.
You can start with something really simple and as time goes on you'll figure out many of amazing ways you can apply the skills you pick up along the way.