Looking at cigarette smoke

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Hello friends of hive, today I bring you this new illustration, it took me longer than I expected, what can you do if the electricity and inspiration are gone?

Today my head hurts a lot since last night, it seems that it is becoming frequent, so I will not give long explanations. I started the illustration yesterday, I decided that I would challenge myself a little with this illustration, I wanted to do someone but I wanted the clothes to be seen too, I know I'm a very lazy person for details and that's why I decided to do something "bigger". I really liked the result. The palette is one of inspiration that I had saved about two years ago. I used this girl as a base.



I know that soon I will challenge myself to make this kind of textures like the one on the girl's sweater, I like it a lot, I have no idea how to do it, but I will try my best to find out.

The process

I'm sorry for not making the effort to explain every step, it's just that I don't feel quite right right now. I will make just a few small comments where I feel it is necessary to clarify.




I was very tangled about the highlights and shadows with this very light shade of blue. I was scared because I didn't know if it was going to work, but I gave myself a psychological slap of encouragement to keep going.


Here I was still afraid that it wouldn't work hahaha



I placed a dark background at the beginning because my eyesight is not very good and my screen is not the best, so I could not see the shades well.



I wasn't quite sure what I was doing with the hair either, but I went ahead.




I wanted the sweater to stand out more so I thought it was appropriate to put a texture on it. The texture is watercolor paper.



I lost the documentation thread here but well, after that. I painted the eyes, and I think the cigar, I also decided to do the cigar smoke although you can't see much. I decided to do the stockings right at the end, I didn't plan to do them but it seemed appropriate and it's the detail of the whole illustration that I like the most.

I hope you liked it, I'm on my way to set myself many more challenges to keep improving. I have many plans in mind, hope to see you tomorrow!!!!



Smoking is bad for your health, so many carcinogens, toxins, chemicals in there. I can't believe anyone would still smoke cigarettes in this day and age with all the information known about the subject. Good luck quitting smoking soon!

Thanks a lot. I have quit several times but never completely, thank you for your strength.

Love those muted colors and that photo you used, her hair color is so cool isn't it! wonderful sketch.

The girl is beautiful and I love her hair hahaha but since the skin was already blue, I decided to make it another color hahaha. Thanks a lot!

Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

Me alegro mucho! GRACIAAAAS SHIAMOO 😍