Ballet dance- Pen Study

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Good day Hivers. Today I'll be sharing a spontaneous sketch of a ballet dancer i made.
One thing that draws my attention to this peace is the movement and rythym.
Ballet is known to be a form of art created by movement of the human body.

I made this drawing with black pen on paper using Cross-hatching Technique. I was trying to use hatching stokes to create a more sporadic movement that aligns with the flow but I didn't really achieve that to my desire.
I'll be sharing some of my progress shots below.

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Feel free to share your thoughts on this. Thanks for stopping by.


Madt!!! 🔥🔥🔥… really like the drawing. Great sketch bro.

Thanks a lot man.

Awesome work my friend. It reminds me of the artist Edgar Degas and his sketches of ballet dancers. As always, stunning work.

Thanks for appreciating my work.