A Day With A Lineman #16 Replacing Pole - Time Lapse

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Welcome back to another edition of...

A Day With A Lineman #16
Replacing a Broken Pole ~ Time Lapse

I’m mixing things up a little bit with this one. If you follow me you may have seen the pole that recently got blown over. We had some really strong winds come in from the south and I guess this pole decided to call it quits and fall over.

This go around I decided to setup my phone in the window of the truck and take a time-lapse video of us changing this pole out. I wish I was a little closer but hey, you win some and you lose some I guess.

This line has been de-energized and protective grounds have been installed for our safety. With that being done we can go to work getting this pole changed.


This pole had a bank of transformers on it, so the first thing we needed to do was remove them from the bend rack. One of the transformers had a bushing broken in half. To think not a sign of a drop of oil hitting the ground. Crazy!!


Once we got that 400 or so pounds of transformers off the pole, it made it easier to grab with the claws on the Linetruck and stand up. Then, with the pole back in line where it should be, untying the wire from the insulators was a piece of cake and a heck of a safer.

Use the bucket to hold the wires out of the way, lean the old pole over and let it hit the dirt!! Dig a 6 foot hole for the new 40 foot pole, set the pole on the hole, plumb it up straight, back fill and tamp the crap out of the soil around it. Easy as that...

These transformers feed a center pivot watering system and a well pump. They are using it at the time so we left the transformers off and the crew can handle it in the morning.

That’s it for another edition of
A Day With A Lineman #16
Replacing a Broken Pole ~ Time Lapse
I hope it was worth the watch


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I identify deeply with that pole today. It is how I feel lying on his couch, farts flying like sparks.

DAHAHAHA!!! Believe it or not when I got there the lines were still energized. It must have just fallen over in slow motion for something. So 14,400 volts just sitting there 3-4 feet off the ground.

We have actually had curious cows come up and bite the wire or rub on it. Yep.... they dead. We lost a pole one time and the farmer lost 3 cows... 😂🤣😂

That was quite the educational video. How long did it take you guys to fix that?

From the time I got called and the other guys got there is was around 4 hrs. The outage itself was only around 2hrs. Everything was energized when I got there and I just let it be until we were ready to go to work. Then kill the power to minimize the outage time.