When You Break it... Upgrade It!!

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So often when it comes to automotive stuff it’s the same price to upgrade something as it is to buy the stock part. Sometimes it’s even cheaper. Well it looks like it’s time for a mirror upgrade on my 2001 Ford Excursion... 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel Of course...


These new mirrors are from a 2017 and up Ford F-250/350. They have a slightly modified base that will fit any Ford F-250/350 from 1999-2008. Including Excursions from 2000-2005. My old mirrors didn’t have the blinker/running lights and these ones do. Plus they seem to be a lot bigger. Big mirrors for a big rig! C’mon!!


These bad boys arrived on the door step this morning just in time. Mama-Splatts and I were gonna head out to Tri-Cities and do some Christmas shopping. Just in case we get wild and buy some large items, we can lock them up in the back, rather than just sitting on the back of my F350 flatbed.

After we get a few things taken care of this morning, my Son (@w-splatts) and I will be doing a little DIY project. I am thinking about doing a video on this one. I haven’t done a DIY video in a while... or maybe just a write up... naaaahhh it’s video time!! Stay tuned for the DIY mirror swap, this should be fun... I hope


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Since you brought up mirrors. #farm-mom just purchased a new Ford Edge. Its got more gizmos and gadgets than I'll ever use. The first time I drove it, I had to fight the freaking thing to let me do the driving. After reading the manual, I was able to turn off each and every one. The one feature I did like was the side view mirrors have a blinking light on them. It activates when a car is in your blind spot, and with my blind spot becoming larger, this feature is very cool!

butt warmers, heated steering wheels... they even parallel part for you!!! I am more of a "Go until you hit something" type of vehicle parker... LOLOLOL

"Just back up until you hit something, you will be fine"

That's why we carry insurance.

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