If you could vote with a lot of stake for a week, how would you use it?

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How would you use it, who would you upvote, how many posts would you upvote daily, etc?

Let's say you'd have a "whale sized account" worth of votes at around 500k hp (although guess the votes don't really bring as much of a whale punch at current market situation. :P

I'd be interested from anyone (except for whales obviously (maybe they could explain how'd they vote if they had a smaller account)) but preferably newcomers, to know what they'd do with it on a daily basis on Hive. Would you automate your votes, vote manually? Would you change much from how you vote today? Would you change how you vote on yourself, etc?

Forfeiting post rewards to some accounts I think could use some more.


Depends on how I got that delegation of 500k HP. If I was delegated to either pay the delegator daily or got a lease where I'd need to pay for the lease - then I'd look to vote in a manner to maximize curation. This might sometimes involve voting some lower quality posts, but I gotta pay the delegator.

But if the 500k hp was no string attached, for a week, or at max a month.. curation becomes much more fun. I'd go read posts on topics I enjoy and choose 20 posts to vote at 50% instead of 10 posts @ 100% to spread out votes a bit more and maybe make myself known as a proper curator to the wider HIVE community. This, besides getting some less rewarded posts visibility will also get me known to more people. I'll try to not vote same authors repeatedly for a wider reach. And I'd make sure I leave a comment on EVERY post I vote, so automation wouldn’t work. Has to be manual.

If I have it for a much longer period, then manual curation will not be sustainable for me and I will eventually resort to mostly automated votes after about a month...by then I'll have a good idea of the authors I want to vote regularly.

I should've mentioned that let's say it's 500k but you neither have to pay for it nor earn any curation rewards from it. So what you described about using it as influence would probably be one of the best ways to go about it, oh but also it's also not under your account so not sure if that would do much for your influence unless you let that person know in the comment it was you... xD so guess it's more of an altruistic voting and experiencing what it's like to give bigger votes I guess? Aside if the user also chooses to selfvote some posts here and there.

Hmm, basically I remembered that hive & keychain have this thing where you can grant another account posting authority from your account which means you don't have to share the posting key with them but they can use their own key to log onto your account if that makes sense and if that's exactly how it worked... :D

Will vote up your comment so my reply is on top but also for the great answer :D

This is irrelevant, so apologies in advance, but I see the same 4 downvotes on all of your replies. Do you have some people or bots following you around to downvote you?

Yeah there's some people from a blockchain who think "no downvotes possible" is a better solution to hive, ironically. I just ignore them and some times comment a bit extra so they burn into their upvote mana :p

Although that said I've been thinking about voting up some of my comments I notice that others vote first to counter the downvotes, this way the upvoters still get their curation returns for voting up comments which is something that should be incentivized more in general.

Hmm then I will stick to the second one I mentioned, minus the influence part. Also, without any incentive of curation I will most likely not be making full use of the daily 10 100% upvotes, but will still leave the comments to see the difference in how different authors respond to comments from someone with a significant vote compared to comments from someone with little influence. This would be a nice social experiment on human psychology!

Now that you mention it will not be on my account, I will also be open to some downvotes on some over-rewarded/farmed posts. I generally tend to not downvote, even though I feel the concept is great. But a lot of users on hive do not appreciate it and tend to take it personally. So I have avoided downvoting from my personal account. But with the anonymity, my hands are a bit more free!


This is an interesting proposition, @acidyo. I've always had an issue with the Hive blockchain, and that is rewarding new onboardees. The truth is, most newbies come first for the reward, and later they discover more opportunities, I've managed to onboard a few persons here and there, but the majority finds it hard to stay longer as they don't find their efforts rewarding, with most time, very little or no votes on their contents. Even as someone who has stayed about a year on the chain, it is still hard to cope with having no votes on my post, especially, when I have judged personally that these posts aren't low efforts (I worked as a curator in a content company, so, I know a thing or two about best practices in content curation).

At this stage, it is hard for me to onboard more newbies, as I don't feel capable enough to support their efforts on the chain. Even Ecency points aren't reliable, as I keep receiving refunds here and there. So, with such a massive delegation and no clause attached, I will be embarking on a massive onboarding campaign. Living in a country like Nigeria, 2 dollars per day for 3 hours of work is enough to lift someone from poverty to a bit of comfort. Thus, with such a delegation, I can help an upward of 40 persons (onboardees) to make value from the content they share (at least, 3-5 posts weekly per individual, even if its upvote worth $2, it's better than nothing, as time goes on, they would carve a way for themselves on the chain, as I don't intend building an enclave around them and myself, I just want to help them feel comfortable enough to stay longer). As time goes on, the level of support will reduce, to accommodate more onboardees, and undervalued users already on the chain.

Another important move is trying to support existing and undervalued bloggers. I can rightly estimate that 7 out of every 10 posts are undervalued until the end of the curation window. As someone who occasionally collaborates with the Leo team to produce weekly roundups, I've seen a lot of content that is of such high quality that no one comes to see it. Upvote is a way of sharing/showing love!

Definitely, I would provide occasional reports on my curation efforts, mostly daily reports. With my curation rewards already earned, I would be abusing the system if I upvoted myself. So, I would have to detach from curation trails that would result in self-votes, as well as unplanned votes. And for automatic voting, while I really crave this, I believe it should be earned overtime as a reward for exceptionalism. However, I think for the most part, all votes must be purposeful and intentional.

Oh, I don't know whether to laugh or cry!🙃 ... The first thing that comes to mind is Peter Parker's grandfather: with great power comes great responsibility.🤣 So I'm going to be as honest as possible.

  • The power down pains me a lot 😕, and yes, I have seen accounts with bad post sometime, but a power down from a whale would be destructive. That said, I think that if he gets it he gets it, but not for fulfilling a "target quota", if he has a bunch of "bad" posts then he's earned it. 😎
  • I would go for users with good work, that is, consistency in posts, interesting and well-written content, a visually pleasing structure. It should be seen that they do not "pull" the post, but that they work hard on it.
  • Although I would try to prioritize those with less than 70 reputation, because it is difficult to see someone with more than 70 with few votes.
  • I think I would not vote post that were already voted by other whales, because sometimes they "accumulate" in a single post while other very good ones do not even reach 5. It would have to be excellent, which is not always the case either.
  • I would try to look for users who are just starting, and who show signs of doing a good job, to give them that boost, which we all need sometime to continue to grow.
  • The autovote, well...I really don't know if it's a practice among whales, I really don't do it now.But if I have to spend all my time practically curating others and barely have enough left over to create content, maybe at some point I would, but it wouldn't be an overuse.
  • I would manually curate, but I would support my Hivecuba community with some percentage in their curation trail, to say otherwise would be dishonest with myself.

Having said all this, it's basically what I do now , but with much less HP. 🤣

For a week I'd throw it out left and right lol.

I think there is an underlying issue in that question. The issue of how much responsibilities the few whales, compared to the swarm of little fish, carry in this ocean.

Hive is no different when it comes to incentives. Most people join first for the crypto. Once in they follow the droppings of the whales or the bigger fish, which is just a normal thing to do. We are all humans, whale or not. Most thrive to get a whale vote, manual or via voting trail, it is what gets you growing here, besides your own personal effort to reach an audience or grow in a different way.

So as a whale, visible or not, you hold the power to the swarm. The ocean needs you to thrive, just as it needs the little ones. Now, how much of your hard, or not so hard, earned stake are you willing to spread out? How do you vote with a lot of power? How do you spread your stake in an ecosystem like Hive? Good question right, sounds like the one in the headline 😂.

As a whale, orca, dolphin or a little herring I'd vote what I can consciously live with. I'd vote on people I connect to, I like, that are real, recommended or even those I may not be interested in but deserve it.

Poor whales in a way. A whale is just a human with 24h a day, so to feed some little ones would not be possible without trustworthy voting trails or delegations right? On the other hand, depending on how you see this ocean, voting on a single person manually or voting all your stake within a certain group of ppl is just as fine. It is just that with bigger votes comes not only the nurture of little fish, but the downsides like politics, greed, envy and resentment.

Big droppings in the ocean are a blessing and a curse. 😉

So now that I have said a lot, maybe nothing, I ended up with the conclusion that no matter ones stake, sharing is caring but how much and to whom...up to each one of us.

I would go into a lot of communities and vote for creative and time-spent posts. It makes me very sad that very beautiful posts, especially those that are handcrafted, stay at 3-4 dollars. I would make a difference by voting for the posts of friends in underdeveloped countries in need as well, depending on the quality. Not the picture quality because some of them do not have a good camera, but the overall look and labor of the post.

I would also vote for things that I would like to see on this platform, like science posts, story posts, and creative things. I would also visit DIY projects and travel posts, I enjoy those too.
For example, there are a few friends who write about their hobbies, even if they don't get votes, and they keep it going like a diary. I would vote for all their posts for the last week so that what they are doing would gain a little motivation.

So I would try not to use automation.
But I think one of the biggest problems would be that the voting power would go down some days because I would have voted too much, or I wouldn't have the time for discovering and the delegation would be wasted.

Actually, when we think about it...we have to congratulate the curators, they are really good at researching and finding quality submissions and making sure that they get votes. And they have their own work.

That was a different question, thank you very much for making people think about this.👏👏

I will continue to search for quality posts and probably would lower my power of vote... depending on the stake ! With still some 100% votes for exceptional contents :)

Concerning the power bar, I think I’ll try to keep it around 95-90% as I’m doing currently... Sometimes goes under, but I don’t really like it as I miss some articles I could - modestly - reward more !

That’s an interesting question !

this is a good question; then I confess that I would automate some votes but only towards certain users who I know who do a high quality job, who bring value and are always original in content.

For the rest I think I would give myself to manual curation; I love reading and even now I'm reading so many posts; I would modulate the vote depending on how interesting and well written the post is and the value it brings perhaps in the information and content.

With all that voting power I would really enjoy myself, I could vote for many posts in an incisive way and I would be able to better express my personal opinion on the value of the posts themselves; certain place that the evaluation is always something personal since each of us has different interests ... even if I confess I have a thousand interests and really space between many communities.

As for me personally, I don't self-vote and I don't think it's a good practice. Obviously I would tend to do as now by keeping a single account I would not open others by delegating and I would probably continue to write carefully and regularly as I do now.

500k is a lot amount of delegation . Personally , i would surprise and shock if i get those delegation , but i guess i keep doing what i keep doing now .

First is the community that i love because im keeping back here because of them . I feel the engagement between the community is like talking with friend at market in real life.

Second is supporting things that i love which is photography . There were a lot awesome photography out that giving their awesome work . I learn a lot from them and i keep learning with them.

Third is thing that i always want to do is making contest . I find out that im enjoying the contest that other curator do and i also want to do the same thing like them.

Fourth is to asking other people giving their opinion on whose post that worth to be reward by leaving their comment on my specific post daily .

Basically , im still doing the same thing that i do now with that amount of huge delegation . Automation or manual ? Of course its gonna be in manual . Im not good on making automation because i not expert on that field , so i ll do it manually .

Cheers .

Thanks for thinking of this interesting question and sharing it with us! 😊

To be completely honest, I'd do a combination of automatic curation (for the users whose content I currently enjoy - and already automate), and curation for posts and comments on the community I recently created. I'd estimate approximately 50/50 for the former and latter for the purpose of fairness, and possibly shifting depending on how active the community becomes over time.

Additionally, I would want to somehow shift focus towards the curation of comments, because I've seen how commenting can be a very important component of engagement and growth in communities (in fact, the previous iteration of my community on a different platform thrived on comments - and the first post on the community here is already filled with nearly 100 comments!). Unfortunately, for the most part, comments tend to be grossly undervalued on Hive, and it's understandable based on the current reward system for curation. I think the comments are a very untapped resource for the growth of this platform.

If you’ve enjoyed the content of this comment, the compliment, are feeling down and need a shoulder to lean on, or would like to make someone’s day a bit better, please join the FreeCompliments community. We welcome everyone with open arms. :)

Hmmm, an interesting question.

I think I would curate manually while keeping the following 'rules' in mind:

  • I would for sure go for quality posts, this one is quite logical I guess. Ofcourse the question than arises: what is quality?
    => Quality posts usually have a decent length, a smooth lay-out, some nice structure and personally I like it to learn something new.

  • I would prefer to upvote posts of lesser known authors rather than posts of whales.

  • Everyone could get max. 1 or 2 upvotes in that week of me, this way the upvotes are more spread among a bigger amount of unique users.

  • I would challenge myself to discover topics / communities which I have never read about. I already try to do it, but it would be an extra motivator to do so.

  • Lastly, atleast of what comes in my mind at the moment, I would reply to the quality posts. It's something I'm already doing. At the moment I see my reply as a kind of 'reward' for the author since my upvoting value is rather small. Reward is not the right word, but it's my best form of interaction / appreciation I could give.

Since it's just for a week, this seems definitely possible to me. When I would have it for a longer time, I guess I would go for the combo of automation (for not missing out on the rewards) and manually (to follow my stated challenges from above, but more loose.

If I had a whale-sized vote, it would be mainly geared at growing the hive community.

First, 30% of my voting will go to the introduceyourself tag. There is something that comes with receiving support on your first post. The feeling is unexplainable

I remember my first post. I got a very large amount of support from @blocktrades. It was a hundred dollar upvote. I was overwhelmed. .

This made me invite a lot of people into the system. Although, most of them are not in the system but the news of hive was spread in my community and it is still being spread till today.

@ebingoI @gamsam, @khaleesii, @belemo, @young-boss-karin are on this platform mainly due to the welcome I got from this platform on my first post.

The remaining 70% of the vote will go to those who are doing underground stuff in trying to move the hive blockchain forward. This is because it takes a lot to promote hives, and not being incentivized can be very disheartening.

I will vote about 40 times, and it will be manual curation.

I will also do a random 100% vote to a random person like a lottery for the fun of it.

Basically, this is what I think I will do. I


I think if I had that amount of HP, I would be much more involved with Hive, because that amount of HP shows a great commitment to the network.

I know there are a lot of good quality posts that are still undiscovered, so I would devote more energy to finding that content and curating it. I would lean heavily on communities or users who promote the work of other users, like what OCD is just doing with the POSH program, where users can propose other posts to be curated. The heyhaveyamet posts for introductory posts, or users who do giveaways for people to share their friends' content that has not been highly rated and it votes for that content. Also, there are very active communities that only count on his voting power and try to curate all the content from their users, but I'm sure they would like more meaningful support, so I would dedicate some votes to those communities.

Getting such a huge hive staked, I will curate manually as I like reading content myself and most times leave a comment but for days when I won't be active 24/7 I will set some people I know write quality contents but low support in my autovote of 30%.

But my aim of voting will be to also help others have high hive staked to also contribute to the hive ecosystem, that means those powering down too much can miss out from getting votes from me except on some special occasions (quality contents and other reasons).

This is an interesting question because I have just turned off all but one of my automated trails and am doing more manual curation to the point of doing a weekly collection of my favorites in a week this year -- got tired of being at 60 percent voting power for stuff I never even read, and might not have even liked.

I am one of those people who will do what I am doing at whatever level I am in. I wrote every day when Steem was going down and collapsing, and I have written every day through the bull and the bear ... so, if I had 500K to work with, the posts I like would get a bigger vote, and when my schedule allowed I might seek more things out to vote ... but whatever I am doing, I do, with 50HP or 500K HP. Right now I'm focusing on manual expanded curation, so, it is what I would be doing with 500K.

If you could vote with a lot of stake for a week, how would you use it?

I bet you won't appreciate a reply with overwhelming and brutal honesty on this matter. But here we go anyway since I know that no one else is going to do it.

If I had a "whale sized account" worth of votes at around 500k hp for at least a week or a month. I would definitely use that HP to distribute as many flags & downvotes as I could on a daily basis just for the sake of joining the Whale's Club for a while who are the only ones around here who do that and can do that without accountability to anyone simply because they can.

Would you automate your votes, vote manually?

And of course that in this case, I would spread such "votes" personally, organically and in a manual fashion for the entire week/month. Although thinking about it, I may have to automate some of those votes to distribute them well, timely and punctually among those who most deserve it.

On other hand, maybe I would also take advantage of that temporary high HP to reverse and correct the wrongdoings of the rest of my transient peers and members of the worshipful Whales Club.

That website didn't load, but yeah definitely appreciate opinions of all kinds

Just use a VPN por si las moscas. If anything, solely to kill your curiosity for a little while. Since at this very moment I can see the website is working fine. ;o)

And thanks for your reply and appreciation.

I'm not a newcomer, but I've only been here eight months. So I would like to answer this question. I've never been a fan of voting myself, I mean I used to vote, but at that time my vote value was not even 1 cent and I didn't know that I shouldn't vote.

I would keep voting manually and I would probably vote 40 posts a day at 25% or 20 posts at 50% because I believe that quality is always more important than quantity.

For me it's not so much about the return on the votes, if the person I'm voting for is happy when they see my name and they're like wow man that's a really good amount, that's enough.

I suppose I'd vote the same?

Ill try and spread it as wide as possible as I am currently doing. I dont have a huge stake but I rarely do full votrs anymore.. Except when the rewards on the post are still very low and I felt it was a good read..

But I suppose I'd be voting smaller accounts who I feel have some great authoring skills but who is some what left behind on the curation if I can say so..

Il try and encourage smaller communities, however it would only be a week so I'd have to be snappy🤔

Interisting thought.

In all honesty, curation is the best way to make use of that 500k HP, regardless if it's delegated, invested, or leased. Given that 50/50 sharing of posts' rewards makes it more convenient and "profitable" to curate manually or automatically via curation guilds like curie, curangel, ocd and many more promising one than adding the burden to yourself of posting daily with one self-vote. Optimal usage is still best at not less than 80℅ of VP and I prefer it distributed to 3-5 niche communities.

Great question. I vote manually, I think following a voting trail doesn't do much justice to a post. I have posts which fetch me $30+ but with not a single comment on them.
I really wonder how many of those voters read my post. I like to read, comment and vote posts which interest me.

I really wonder how many of those voters read my post.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? I thought about leaving hidden prompts to see if anybody catches them, but haven't gotten around to doing that. If someone votes 1% on some of my best work, It's often a sign that they didn't read my content.

I despise those tiny % autovotes, pretty much just load on the chain.

First I admit that it would be nice to be able to have a 500,000 HP profile. Spending a lot of time on HIVE I would do more or less what I do now, I would go through the various profiles and find the ones I like best and I would support them, I would definitely support the artistic profiles a lot, I would like to keep my manual vote, but I could put it automatic for some specific profile.

I would look for talented people with quality and interesting content, and I would promote these accounts, even if it would not be financially profitable for me. In a word, I would give priority to awards, indeed to those who deserve it. Thank God, I have never been a greedy and prudent person. Thank you sir for posting. I wish you success.

If ever that happens I will choose to manually vote if I have enough time. I will upvote or curate those quality contents and as possible I will support those new users or newbie having low reputation as they are still starting their journey. In doing so, I am hoping it will help them to have more courage to write quality content and stay long in the platform.

I would still only vote on the people I follow and the communities I peek in.

With a stake of 500k HP 🥰
I would be choosing manual curation. First of all, I would skip the popular authors as they are getting enough already. So yeap I will be using that stake with a view to highlighting a few underrated authors who are out of sight. Won't be curating the same person daily, but I would try to reach search for those contents that actually deserve it. No intention of self-voting as reputation is much more important to me than the rewards. (aka farming)

That's all I can think of right now. Basically, my primary goal would be to curate some quality content that is not getting enough highlights.

Good question! In my opinion if I had such big HP and don't visit daily or let's say hourly hive blockchain then I'd decided to use bot or maybe other tools to automate my votes. Espessialy to vote for my favorite authors or bloggers. In other case I'd like to vote manually after reading carefully every post which I decided to choose!
Anyway I think I'd vote not for all 100% but use part of voting power to reach more people and support them. Of course excepting that moment that I can find maybe that some post is really brilliant and it deserves full vote!

I think I would do a mix of auto and manual.

Auto for when I am at work and then more manual when I am at home, properly at between a vote of 10 - 25% on posts (Depending on the current market value) :D

5% on comments ^^

@acidyo are you giving out 500k hp delegation? :P
Is this whst we compete about?! :D

Personally I would continue to vote, without delegating to other curators, still losing a part of the rewards. having a greater voting power, I would also increase the audience of authors, counting on a decidedly substantial vote

Right now I vote at 40 percent. If I would have big account I would vote with maybe 20 or 25. This would allow me to vote many people. I don't vote my own posts now. so I hope that I would not do that with whale account either. I vote manually. So that would not change.

IMO topics that can expand themselves are worth voting on and attract new users. Quality doesn't mean long content or a lot of effort, it means human interaction and fun.

Yeah anyway :)

To be honest I would like to support all curator to grow. I dont mind to vote 100% on each of their post as long as they are engaging to the community and gives back to the community. I will do manual upvotes on each post that I visit (of course with quality post &/ obeys the community rule).

I'm guessing you meant authors :D but yeah that sounds good!

Haha yes the authors, my bad. But I think supporting the curators is still good right? Let say if I only want to get the reward it will be the same in the end whether I do delegation or upvote by myself ? I was thinking if I want to support a community that I love by giving all delegation or is it better to upvote the post with full power?

I'd vote for my hive friends an awful lot. will I get backlash? probably, then again whatever we do, we will always be cheered on by our allies and hated by our enemies.

or curation trail/ask the curation team, because I'm lazy.

Would you at least adjust the voting percentage depending on the content of your friends?


I would do what i tend to do which is read the article
vote according based on how i liked it
and leave a comment and maybe some !PIZZA

just with a bit more power backing :)

I think I would vote like I do it now. Reading articles and voting on them based on how much I like them. If the content triggers me a lot I would leave comment as well and say some nice words.
And as always I would give some !PIZZA as well :)

I dont have a big voting value by myself so with 500k HP it would honor the authors posts much more for their content.

I wouldn't vote for myself, as I do now...
I would vote manually. I would vote for my friends and those I read every day. Looking for those who really need the money right now. There's a lot of them here now...

If you could vote with a lot of stake for a week, how would you use it?

I would flag YOU! What did you think to ask a question with such an obvious answer? :-)

(I think I would do more or less the same like now: whenever noticing to have reached 100 % VP - again! - I would spread a bunch of upvotes on posts appearing in my feed.)

500k hp is probably nothing now :) but it should be used diligently,when HIVE is worth a $.

Yeah not everyone realizes that a 10$ upvote today could easily turn into 100 later, if they stay staked.

Would you automate your votes, vote manually? Would you change much from how you vote today? Would you change how you vote on yourself, etc?

Never automate. Only organic curation. I wouldn't change much from how I vote now and I never upvote my posts and never will.

Curating quality post of user below 70 Rank.....

Below 70 reputation or what you mean with rank?

I mean reputation...

I'd always voted the first 10 posts that I follow at 100%. If I were to have a whale account, I will power up the creators/writers behind those posts.

I'll upvote all the new users to uplift and motivate them.

@acidyo! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @globetrottergcc. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

If I had to guess how people would vote I'd say that 99% would self vote and earn that 400+ Hive a day for 7 days and build themselves.

really, you think 99% of users would do that? this isn't steem/blurt

The biggest communities are OCD supported ones, most people have multiple accounts for different communities, I have seen big stacks now self vote, there is a lot of "inner circle" stuff that occurs. Do I have faith that people wouldn't do it? maybe not everyone but I think there would be a large cohort that would.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @creacioneslelys ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I would try as much as possible to visit different Communities and search for quality content to upvote on a daily basis and this however won't be base on same authors but quality contents from different people.


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