What exactly is a "F2P" deck anyway?

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Is This Deck Actually F2P?

I recently got a few YouTube comments from people trying to Raid Reveller me. "Hey Copper! This deck isn't F2P, how dare you! I don't own all the cards, therefore I'd have to BUY them. Ergo, this deck is not F2P!"

But what makes a deck qualify as F2P? Are they right in calling my video "clickbait" if I use the term F2P and there are only Core, Welcome Set, and Divine Order cards used? Not even a single legendary in the deck??

In Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, Magic The Gathering: Arena, Gwent, and on and on, you don't start out with every card magically unlocked. The same is true for Gods Unchained. The difference is when you buy cards in Gods Unchained, you can later resell them. The same is not true for any of the previously mentioned games.

This means you have some unlocking to do! Both from grinding to get the exact cards you want, but also cards you don't want which you can then sell!

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How to Make Money

First let's quickly cover all the ways to make money in this game, because there are a multitude. I've already covered this in another YouTube video, so I suggest you watch that if you haven't. You can do ALL OF THE FOLLOWING without putting a dime into this game.

  1. Weekend Ranked - Earn Core and Divine Order (the current expansion) packs for doing well.
  2. Leveling up daily - Earn Core packs for leveling up; Rare pack every level not divisible by 10, in which case you get an Epic instead, unless it's divisible by 25, in which case you get a legendary pack! (IE. Level 10, 20, 30, 40 you get Epic packs, but level 50 you'd get a Legendary pack instead of an epic. You'd also get Legendary packs at 25, 50, 75, etc)
  3. Blessing of the $GODS - Play 60 games a week, meet some other easy criteria, and get paid in $GODS tokens. This event is scheduled to end in 4 weeks. Thus far the max rewards if you've done it every week is 78.55 GODS tokens. (current GODS price $3.56 = $279 USD worth of GODS).
  4. There are FREE tournaments to enter all the time! My team is even hosting a F2P tournament in a few days! And we'll be hosting plenty more tournaments in the future! These tournaments often have special rules limiting the amount of card sets you are allow to pick from, meaning there is no "pay2win" sets allowed as an excuse to not be playing in these events!

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How to Turn Those Earnings into Cards

So you've earned a bunch of cards and $GODS tokens! You can now take your Core cards and $GODS tokens and use the Forge to mint new NFTs to sell and then buy the cards you are missing.

You can now take your Divine Order cards that you don't need and list them on the market to use that money to buy the cards you are missing. If you want to list in IMX-ETH, you can do so on TokenTrove.com. (It is far more user friendly than the official marketplace, however it currently only allows trading in IMX-ETH, and not in IMX-ETH/GODS/IMX.)

You can now take those GODS tokens and buy the cards you are missing directly from the official marketplace in $GODS!

Most of the cards I, or anyone else for that matter, list in a "F2P" deck are going to be extremely cheap (generally between $0.03 - $0.25 for Commons and $0.20 - $1.5 for Rares. Epics and Legendaries can certainly cost more ($7 to $50 generally) but the bulk of the decks are going to be made up from commons and rares, with a few epics, and typically 1-2 legendary cards max for f2p decks, with the majority having none whatsoever.)

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Other Costly Sets

There are other sets in the game that are out of print and much more scarce. Genesis and Trial of the Gods cards are notably more expensive. Therefore you'll typically not find many of these cards in decks claiming to be F2P. That said, there are plenty of very cheap common and rare cards in both of these sets! Once you get into the Epics and Legendaries, that's where it gets very expensive in these sets.

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As with all things in life, there's no hard and fast rule and exceptions will apply. You'll unlock most of the common and rare Core cards just from playing by level 100, though there will be those one or two cards you just can't seem to unpack. The Welcome Set everyone starts with 100%. And Divine Order you can earn in the weekend ranked event.

Sell cards you don't need, or use GODS to buy the cards you do need!

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments what you think about F2P and what it should entail!


Nothing in this article is Financial Advice. Don't forget you're playing a GAME! Have some fun!

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Agree, completely Free2Play here,

When they re-open forge, I sold legendary & epic core card on day1, then bought 2 Jaguar Staff & 2 Trial of Hydra.
With the deck, I earn 2 Epic + 4 points each week.
Later on spent some GODS to buy Finnian, Oddi, all 4 magic & 4 Death DO legendary.
So far the value keep going up, and I am happy to play with those cards haha.

I believe I can buy all 26 DO legendary by just using GODS and selling weekend reward.

Free2Play? absolutely possible.

That's a 100% accurate, and I'm a F2P player, meaning not a single cent invested into it, and I managed to build and improve decks by just gathering cards, forging, selling and buying.

Gods Unchained allows you to be a F2P player, but at the same time you got to invest some time and effort into it. Otherwise it would make no sense at all.


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So I think as time progresses people also need to evolve their definition of f2p. Luckily for me I am a card enthusiast so the way I view card acquisitions is I look at charts and I buy/ "rent" the cards I think have good chance of retaining value so I can utilize it and even get rid of it at break even or most the times a profit. So in the end the net result was practically free to play.

I feel like when you say free to play if you are including using the forge and $GODS token you are right on the money. Cause the people are playing for free. The only investment is their time. But they can earn packs both core and current expansion like you said in the weekend ranked. They can then forge cards using the $GODS token they earned completely free which you highlighted as well. Nothing is ever truly free it either requires money or time. So for anyone who calls out what you are saying is a F2P deck needs to revaluate how they look at things. Keep making your high quality content EXACTLY how you are at this moment. People who actually have common sense can understand everything you are putting down.

LFG post is formatted very well, clear and concise, big ups!

When I was hugely into Hearthstone, I believe this debate came up as well when a streamer I watched tried to do F2P runs. In HS, I believe F2P runs are best done with a fresh account (even then, you can still earn your way to a meta deck by going infinite in Arena if you're good at it), but in GU, I don't think that's quite feasible given how long it can take to grind to something that isn't boring. IMO, I'd think the value of 1-2 weeks of grinding ($GODS + weekend packs) which should come to about 50 - 100 bucks should be a good ballpark for the maximum an "F2P deck" should cost.


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First of all, thanks for the decks/guides, these are very helpful.

In terms of the discussion, I think most of us can agree that "free2play" is a bit of a vague concept in card games because there isn't a clear line when something stops being free2play.

And in a play2earn environment I think we can agree that time=money, so I do understand the arguments. That said, it just depends on your interpretation, but calling stuff like this clickbait definitely does seem wrong, as there is a logical and clear explanation for using the words "free2play".

However, as someone who recently joined GU I must say that it would also be super helpful to have a completely free 2 play starter deck guide (meaning only starter cards that everyone has). Most of us will start there anyway. A guide that would explain how we could "evolve" that completely f2p deck into a viable ranked deck would be really cool (for example, what cards you should buy first etc).

Anyway just my 2 cents.