Tempo Mage Deck Breakdown!

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What's up? Today we're looking at a new deck that has been around for quite some time but will be getting much better this week due to the balance patch. How much better remains to be seen, but with Nature, War, and Death all getting nerfs, will it be time for Magic to shine??

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This is my new favorite deck to play. In fact, after I shot this video, I ran out and got nearly the entire deck in Gold!!! Gonna be playing it on Twitch all week! Hope to see you guys there.


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Great vid, and the deck looks like a ton of fun to play. I've tried a budget version of the deck, but you really do need those card draw pieces to keep up the pace! Hoping to win some pricey leggies so I can start buying more of this deck!

This is great timing, as I've been trying out this kind of magic deck for the whole week (I don't have Pyramid Warden but basically the same as yours, I have tracking bolts for some AOE) and while I'm doing ok, I run into a lot of trouble against zoo/wide boards. Like when Nature plays Bladeflies or Falling Star, or Death/Light zoo with lots of 1/1 and 2/2 sticky creatures, or even against a low deck that just had some axewomen and boars on board, I couldn't get control back. Do you have any advice?

This last weekend I played with my Beast Nature deck (since I'm not confident enough with the Magic deck) and I've crushed similar Magic decks, maybe it was luck but they usually run out of steam even with all that card draw.

Nature is an interesting matchup. If you go first it's fairly easy, you can stay ahead and draw a bunch of cards and clear board. Definitely Ward from Oni getting all over the place is a great counter to nature's Hunt and other random spells.

Going Second is tougher as it always is. Gotta get some good card draw and then get a lot of value from your deck wherever you can.

Sick deck, as a mage enthusiast atm i have been needing to do some changes to my deck cause it doesnt make sense anymore lol, too bad most of the cards arent 1$ pickups lol not gonna even mention the pyramid warden 😂, im too broke for any of this but it gives me great(questionable) ideas for my deck.

thanks for always uploading content worth watching !

Thank you! 🙌

Tnx for the information and see u there

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Followed you on Twitch and will come around soon.