Insane Order Light Deck!!

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Going Second Isn't Fun

We need to talk about Order Light because it is the most promising development in Light deck's in a long while. Conventional wisdom says Light has absolutely no comeback mechanics, so if you lose the board while playing as Light, you lose the game. Therefore, going second as Light is a bit of a death sentence.

Until now.

hive dividers-05.png

Order Light Deck



I spent a good 30 minutes theory crafting this deck, while Tugz in my discord had posted his own Light/Order decklist. Ultimately we stumbled into nearly the exact same decklist and feel really good about it.

Essentially the gameplan is to hit your opponent in the face and prevent them from hitting you in the face with Order.

Watch the video and learn the ins and outs of the deck and watch a couple of games I played with it!



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False advertising...where are the dogs? ;)

Nice video and interesting build. New mechanics are fun to mess around with.

Sorry for the dog clickbait it's the only way to get people to watch my videos 😢

Awesome vid. That second game was really unique. Order Light vs Control Light? A rare matchup. As you pointed out, order scales really well into the late game. Not even Poly is immune. I'm not sure if we'll see Order Light in the top 10 anytime soon, but it's definitely the archetype I'll be using to farm GODS. Glad I bought my shadows before this vid. 😃

I also like your Olympian Guard pick (and I'm currently playing with Exalted Hermit). The order mechanic means that these cards have a better chance to grow. Hermit is bad for the same reason all 1 hp + armor cards are bad, though. Hoping he gets some love in the armor rework. For now, he's just a fun card.

Actually, I should clarify. I don't see my budget deck becoming meta. With your HBKs and Demos, who knows?

Yeah I do think it could get top 10 if enough people pick it up and have the demos and HBKs, but too many will probably stick with DBW and War

watching your vids and trying to copy these decks has only shown me how much cards i dont have jeez lol.

what about righteous apparition btw, since you were running all order stuff, ive tried it a few times and i feel its really good but maybe not for 4 mana cause u cant always really get to use it

It's a little too slow for this deck since we just want to always go face! It can't go face sadly 😢

its really too slow lol, its great for ordering annoying frontliners tho, i think my main issue is that i need to focus on going face more than clearing board, that shafts me most of the times

i think i have an unfounded hate for relics too idk why lmao

Yeah it's not too slow if you just smack them in the face! And use that relic to keep board control

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Finally, some love on light deck, I always think the card price of Light is undervalue (I love playing Priest in Hearthstone a lot, Divine Spirit + Inner Fire)

As a new player, I always wonder what is the story behind "The Chosen one"
Seem like there was a hero power or more support before, and now it seems the developer make them less important?

If its possible, would love to see you make a post or video talking about the history of "Chosen one"!

Good video and good post friend, your work is impeccable, thanks for sharing!