Gods Unchained Complete Starters Guide!

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So you wanna play Gods Unchained, earn cards, $GODS tokens, have fun, and #PlayToEarn in the most exciting Blockchain game there is out there right now...but you don't know how??

I made this video just for you. 😎

This video covers all of the basic topics of the game, such as card types, set symbols, domains, keywords, god powers, favor & the sanctum, the deck builder, and playing a game!

Even if you're new to trading card games, this is a great starting point for your journey!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!


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One of the best new NFT games out there for sure will become huge in the future.

Watched this right when I started GU and it helps ALOT!

How can I start this game...
Can you help me out...
I mean how to start

Yo Copper, thanks for being so good at explaining things :D

Your videos are always super useful !

Very good content, looking forward to a guide for helping gold players reach diamond/ mythic.

Sounds like a great guide!

Great video! You might want to check the spelling on that #godsuNchained hashtag to make sure this post pops up where you want it.

Oops! Thank you!

Since you seem to create content on various platforms I'd recommend checking out @3speak for you as you can make videos and it is tied to the hivechain ecosystem overall as well on layer 2. There is dbuzz which is shorter form content sort of like a twitter. Endless deep dives in this space.

Awesome, I will check these out, thank you!

Excellent commentary towards the end explaining your thought process behind your turn actions. It can be harder to follow discord chatter between more experienced players, so your breakdown helped me with understanding the jargon.

Keep it up!

Awesome! Glad it helped!

Thanks for putting put the great content and helping <3

wish you made this video earlier thanks! still learned alot i didnt know from the video

Guide is always appreciated, good job!

nice guide!

Keep up the good work:)

I'll pin this to the community as there's many just getting started with GU and will want to check this out!

Thank you! I hope this helps all the new players! 😀

Dude, @copperpitch i totally watched your tutorial to get a bit more acquainted with the game mechanics before getting my adventure started. I was surprised to see your post pinned in the community! hahaha That's awesome that you made it over to Hive. I hope this synergizes both the GU community as well as the Hive blockchain overall. Thanks for your videos... they have already been very helpful to this noob right here! hahaha

That's so awesome! Hoping we can grow this community together!

Thanks for sharing:)

This game has been pretty fun. I started playing a couple of weeks ago. Mainly using Nature deck so far. Game definitely has a few bugs in it lol.

Thx that's great video.

I am here

I'm downloading it right now and trying it. I would like to receive more information.

This sure already helped, and will help lots more! Good work brother.

The twitch partner himself! making an entrance into the hive world, welcome my dude

I'm here let's start the party! Thank you! <3

I've found this video so useful..

But I want to understand, can this game be played on Android too?

Currently it isn't on Android, but mobile is coming in 2022, they are working on it!

That's cool then..
I'll try out the PC version

Thanks, boss it is indeed a wonderful post. Its a pleasure to have you back on the arena.

Watching this video for the second time. I might circle back the third time. It is probably the most educational I've seen so far.

A friend of mine was trying to play on a smartphone. Is that going to be possible?

Thank you!!! That's awesome to hear! <3

Mobile is coming but not until mid 2022 probably.

@iskafan sorry

😭😭😭😭, it's okay. I'll wait. Thanks a lot for asking on my behalf, I appreciate.

Nice to see you there ! See you in the arena 😃 !

Thanks! 😎 See you in the arena!!

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Apart from playing any idea about investment opportunity ? (The GODS token or in a good player or team of players ?)

While there are multiple tokens (IMX and GODS) I can't really say what the future of tokens will be. Could go up, could go down.

Investing in a player or team... Not sure how that would work, but it sounds cool.

Thank you for this opportunity ...
I believe this will go a long way helping me personally.

I will love to participate in this game .
1 Will pin this to the community as there's many just getting started with GU and will want to check this out!
How can I get the game ?

Just what I needed, thanks

So great i finally come across this content. Thank you for posting @copperpitch