Giveaways! Coppermas: Day 1!

in Gods On Chain5 months ago

Come join in on the raffles and giveaways, all going down at 6PM ET!



Today we're giving away either a Rare Trial of the Gods Chest, a Diamond Rage-Filled Hammer, or an ENTIRE Guild Order deck with multiple Legendary cards in it! We will leave it up to the Gods as to which one we give away each day!

We'll be hanging out, playing 1v1s for the first part of today (I've got a super special meme deck in store for you!), and then grinding out some Blessing of the $GODS and doing raffles!

Plus there's a couple new emotes just for the event this week!

CopperSantaShockEmote112x112.png CopperSantaShockEmote112x112.png CopperSantaShockEmote112x112.png CopperSantaShockEmote112x112.png

Chat commands

  • $wa (your wax address) This will link your Wax address to the bot for high-fives, wax airdrops to chat, and free NFTs! (EX. $wa 4dnaw.wam)

  • !gift = For this week only!

    • 50% chance to get a lump of coal
    • 45% chance to rain 0.1 Wax on the chat
    • 5% chance to rain 1 Wax on the chat
  • !stakepoints = Hang out, earn some loyalty points over time, and then stake them to earn CopperPitch NFTs

  • !high-five = 25% chance to catch a high-five from the CopperPitchBot and earn some free Wax cryptocurrency. (plus a 5% chance to catch a bonus high-five worth more depending on how many Stakes you have!)


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First time in the stream, but not the last one, for sure. I really enjoyed it!

Thank you! 😎

Oh, I'm gonna be there! Also, imagining you in front of the camera deciding between multiple silly faces for your next emoji makes me chuckle. "I just don't think picture #2 really conveys the spirit of Christmas." 😂

LFG Copper! I will be there :D

Cool can't wait to join in on the events.

I will try to be there too! :)

I changed all my passwords to Kenny
Now I have all Kenny logins

@copperpitch, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @lofone
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (2/4)

Love it man. Missed the first one. But will be there for the last two. I just am amazed but how much you give and put back into this community. Good things in the future for you man. Just a solid dude, good teacher, and what I consider a great friend to have.


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Got good coffee to attend this.. timezoning.