F2P Zombie Death YouTube video! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Yo yo yo! What's up!!

Today I bring you my fun, youthful exuberance and we break down F2P Zombie Death!

Deck Code:

Please enjoy, and report back how fun the video was on a scale of 9.9 to 10.

~"Cid" Pitch

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when @cidpitch hive account

LMFAO coming soon... There seems to be a lot of demand to bring Cid Pitch back πŸ˜‚

roflol. badass copperpitch is awesome.

haha i love how you went full force with the cid pitch act after that reddit post. I remember seeing that post on reddit and thinking wtffff. 11/10 bro!

The intro is fantastic, but god I hate these Zombies. Learned a lot about them watching and that Corpse Explosion thing should be illegal.


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Just curious, when you are doing your poses for the thumbnail do you ever laugh to yourself like WTF am I doing. I mean I love your thumbnails and I do think it is one of the things that catches peoples eye. Which is important especially on a platform like YouTube. Another solid F2P deck. Have you thought about compiling an entire post of your greatest hits of F2P decks. I know you have them pinned on your discord. But I am talking about on here on Hive. Might be something to consider.

I don't even think it is a little weird to make these poses haha. I have a blast!

"It's ya boy, CidPitch" hahaha. Fantastic.

Just some thoughts (keeping this budget): I think you have enough card draw without Vrock. 2 HP and it gives your opponent card draw. Not so nice. Maybe Fickle Cambions instead? Void Flash vs Ray of Disintegration is a tough call. For one more mana, you have guaranteed removal ability (helpful when behind). I've been running 1x void flash lately and 2x RoD. Maybe that's too much removal for an aggressive deck, but Guild Enforcers (or armor in general) can shut us down hard.

I don't care if I draw cards for my opponent, they don't have infinite zombies :D I do love me a Fickle Cambian, I'd take out Living Containers for it!

I'm not a fan of Vrock either, 2hp dies to a lot of things.
Cambion is pretty good if you can get it going, if you don't buff its health I find it dies the turn I play it.
I lean towards ray, void flash is awful from behind.

okayyyyyyyyyyyy cid pitch :)

probably the best intro i've watched in a long time... :)

πŸ˜‚ thank you!

I tried cursed obelisk & necroscepter out for fun and it was a blast! I just pulled a Corpse Explosion out of a weekend reward pack this past week and added it into my deck immediately. I've got to say... getting the kill with that card feels pretty amazing! This deck feels unique to play with and is pretty satisfying when it falls together

This deck looks like a lot of fun to me, I'll do it.

Na everything funny ,I hope you don't laugh more when you are doing this video and ask yourself what that fuck am I doing

Great vid man. I need to buy way more gods. Where is the best price these days ?

Tbh I'm not sure, I just earn them I don't buy or sell

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