Budget Board Wipe Death Deck!

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Can My 0.05 ETH BWD Deck Beat a 1.42 ETH BWD Deck??

Spoiler alert: No.

Board Wipe Death (BWD) has the absolute greediest endgame of any deck in Gods Unchained. This is due to Neferu's Khopesh + Hippacria's Monster being an infinite loop of bringing back a 30/30 with Ward every turn. Some BWD decks run Poly and/or Jason in addition. This makes for quite the expensive deck (we're talking many thousands of dollars)!

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However, we're operating on a budget today to see if we can build something competitive without breaking the bank, as many new players have asked me repeatedly for a cheap version of BWD.

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Budget BWD Deck



This deck costs 0.05 ETH so it's still not free by any means but it does cost significantly less than the usual version.

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Mulligan + Guide

We're looking for Asp and Fanatic in the mulligan so we can ramp ASAP.

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Eva is phenomenal early game if your opponent is playing a lot of 1-3 Mana drops, as you can turn 1 creature into a zombie, and then God Power the zombie to kill it and turn yet another creature into a zombie. Additionally if your opponent is playing a lot of 2-3 Mana creatures, mulliganing for Dust to Dust is a must.

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You can use the walls (Rampart and Portable Fortress) to stall or with Fleshbind to heal for 8 + Draw a card. Very helpful early game, especially if you need to use Blackblood Blast which kills everything but deals 8 damage to you.

A highly damaged wall is also a great target for Untold Greed, which draws you two cards.

One really nice combo to heal for a lot is using Deathwatch Curate on turn 5, and then it will be in the void by 7 mana, at which point you play Takhat. Takhat brings back the Curate only with blitz and leech this time. So it can attack immediately, heal for 5, and then if you're still at 15 or less, heal another 3!

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Once you've made it out of the early game, the tough part is over. Now you just drop your big Frontliners at 6, 7, 8 mana, and then finally use Trial of the Underworld to bring them all back a second time, all at once!

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Hard Counters

One of my losses came against the 1.42 ETH (~$4600) version of this deck. Sometimes you're just going to get hard countered in Mythic with the real deal, and there's nothing you can do about it.

One of my losses during weekend ranked playing the expensive BWD deck myself came when I was hard countered by Deception deck steal. Once again, you're mostly dead in the water at this point as they can steal your late game win cons, or smack you in the face with your own creatures using Anti-Magic Expert.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, I'd say this deck could win 70%+ at rank 10, 60% at rank 11, and only 55% at Mythic. It is nowhere near as good as the expensive version, but it is $4500 cheaper! 😂

It really depends on how much you hit the hard counters AND how often you hit insanely fast zoo decks. If your opponent goes all in from the get go, you will have trouble maintaining. But if you do maintain, you get to wreck them with fun cards like End Times and Trial of the Underworld!

Last thing I'll say is that maybe it will be possible to try and make this same deck but with zombies for the early game. Using Obelisk you can summon many zombies that heal you and distract your opponent from hitting your face. I think there's still more to explore in the world of budget BWD, and I'll report back once I try!



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There is one time my Takhat, the forgottenTough (7mana)> Summon Triage Necromanceer(5 mana) > summon Townfolk (1mana).

As Townfolk is the only 1 drop minion in my deck, it keep coming back and infinity frontline haha, not strong but fun.

The deck I used for weekend ranked ran Backstreet Bouncer, who gives a rune when it dies, so I'd get like infinite Runes!

I used to hate playing vs death decks until i switched to magic and now whatever they wipe i wipe back with my own wipes lol, but this with the rezzing and healing looks fantastic tbh too bad death is my least owned amount of cards

Nice post, I like it, just like your other posts. But please put the deck code in somewhere...

Nice job even tho BWD is the bane of my existence. i would love to see the zombie version of this deck on a budget. Cause at this point I am in the if you can not beat em join em boat. Thanks for always making content that covers the entire realm of the game. From big baller decks to the budget minded ones as well. But not only do you build the budget deck and just tell people this should be good. You play test it which to me is a huge thing. You are truly pushing the creation of content on this platform. Many of us benefit from it and appreciate it.