New Gods On Chain contest - Rules and general overview

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Hey everyone, we've decided to start a new Gods Unchained contest, this one will be different than the previous one as it will focus more on on chain activity rather than just playing GU. The latter will still exist and our good dev @gu-lord-dark will make sure all eligible games and points will be counted and distributed as well but we will also be giving out points for other more curated activities.

Since our last contest in December we've seen a huge rise in our community, it's nearing close to 1000 subscribers and is decently active.


This next contest will attempt to bring even more activity to the community and Hive and here are a few ways we've thought of going about it.


First off we are going to start off the contest with some card giveaways over on Twitter, everyone loves cards and with the big amount of newcomers who haven't been able to play 2 earn their way into some cards they need yet they could use some extra chances at winning them. We've seen some nice growth there as well and a big thanks to @squirrelacus for helping keep it active by POSH'ing.


The requirements to enter the giveaway will be pretty straight forward such as liking/retweeting the giveaways, the only difference here is that to win the card you will also need a Hive account and comment on the posts that will go with each giveaway on Twitter. Through these post rewards we will also grow an additional prize pool for the contest aside from the sponsored rewards. On the twitter account there is a link to join our discord where they can request a free Hive account by linking their GU ID with the request to make sure it's a unique player.

When requesting a hive account, players will be able to drop a hive username along with it as their referral, if someone already on Hive recommended them to create an account to join the contest rather than them finding out through the Twitter giveaways. This will give the referrer extra points that go toward the main contest prize pool.

Onboarders in the OCD Onboarding project who are inviting GU players with their own link will also classify for points starting from when the contest begins.

On Chain Activity

Luckily we managed to find a few good curators who joined Hive recently and know a lot about GU. They've been hard at work learning the ins and outs of Hive and curation and they will help giving out points based on activities such as posting, engagement and overall social scores and how well they're using Hive. Genuine following growth, getting followers, trying out different Hive dapps, posting in other communities, etc and so forth.

This of course also means that if we see spam attempts and low effort comments such as "good post" or "keep going", etc, they won't be counted towards any points and may even get you minus points if overdone.

To make sure anyone willing to participate in this contest properly we will also keep an eye on their RC and help them out with HP delegations throughout the contest.

GU games played

For those who aren't that social in general we will do another round of counting their games and giving out points similar to the last contest. The nice thing here is that we already have a huge list of participants from the previous one so everyone who was on there will be automatically entered into this one while everyone new will have to re-apply in the post we'll make for this.

Ending note

This post is mainly created as a general overview of how we're planning on running the next contest. We appreciate any feedback and if you have any improvements in mind to make this run better/fairer. The main idea is to grow the Gods On Chain community and show players who aren't on Hive what they're missing out on, most of the players I've onboarded in the past couple of months have had a very positive experience of Hive so far.

We will be posting a series of posts in the near future about the contest, some will mainly be about being able to register but keep in mind that the post rewards will be used to add more funds to the prize pool of the contest or reward those making it possible by counting games and on chain activities.

We already have some sponsors but with the amount of participants we had last time and possible increase this next round we'll attempt to grow the pool through post rewards.

Thanks to @pharesim, @theycallmedan and @yabapmatt for sponsoring some prizes so far!

If you're interested in sponsoring some extra rewards please let us know in the comments or dm me on Discord.

PS! Shouout to @freeztag for these cool GU dividers I probably overused.

Liquidating half of the post rewards of this post using to add to the contest prize pool.


Hey ya'll! I just joined Hive because of all the cool content I've seen on here; I've been playing GU for a couple of months now and will be posting soon. Seeing content and contests like this is very encouraging, I'm definitely going to get involved!

Just make sure and take your time when doing your first post. Quality over quantity is definitely the way to go here. And if you come up with any questions or concerns you can hit up us mods or others content creators. We are all here to help each other learn and grow. Both in game as well as on Hive. Look forward to seeing your first post. I will be keeping my eyes peeled.

Thank you! I actually just made my first post before reading this haha. I do have a question though, how do you change font color in a post?? And can you use emojis (things like checkmarks and X's)?

I find this post to be extremly useful:
should cover just about any question you might have about making amazing posts

Thanks for sharing, but nothing about font color. Also I found a better way to add emojis, just edit through Ecency or Peakd instead Hive Blog!

try this
It only allows red. Hive is not completely like a wordpress blog where you can use CSS and html to edit your colors. Or atleast not to my knowledge

The active community engagement from @acidyo and other members I have witnessed since joining Hive is the type of thing I noticed all successful projects have. Stay active and keep it exciting- this will result in long-term success of this platform. thank you!

The last contest was a lot of fun, cheers to another. Hoping to win some cards this time, bc thats what I need most! Also seeing new GU content as its incentivized will be awesome. Great post, keep going! lol

Amazing stuff, thank you guys for these events and giveaways its such a cool way to engage the community, time to get motivated to play and win a shitton of games.

sweet touch on the new dividers also shoutout to @freeztag

Thanks for the shoutout 🙏

Always like a good contest!

Ps. great job on building the GU community on hive!
Pps. no way did u overuse the dividers

I would say for the games played maybe consider only the top 100 or 150 to make sure the most active players get rewarded.

Maybe add points based on on-chain activity on top of the points of the games played to ensure not only they are active players but they are engaging on-chain participants too. :)

Really happy for the new contests! Ihmo they are something extremely useful to onboard new users and keep engaged old ones. Personally I'm looking forward "less social" activities (because I'm not so social xD), but having more options is a good thing... and maybe it's a good opportunity to be more social!

I know you and the rest of the moderation team have been putting in lots of effort into maintaining the GU community and I'm really grateful for it. Getting Web2 engaged should hopefully boost the numbers and readership a bit, a pity I hardly have any web2 presence in the cryptosphere. Really looking forward to joining the contest since I missed the last big one 😂

I would have to check but I am pretty sure I have tweeted out one or two of your posts from the Gods On Chain account. I am drawing people from not only crypto but bloggers and TCG players. I have been trying to cast a wide yet accurate net with my tags for the posts. So if you have a twitter hopefully this can be your chance to see a little growth.

Always appreciate when you do help signal boost my posts! Hopefully they do draw in more people. I think I'll set up an Twitter account and see if it can take off, even if a little. 😄

All of this sounds amazing, I missed the previous big contest and felt really bad for weeks. I would definitely not miss this one. Also you guys have motivated me to create a Twitter account so that's something haha!

And for the on-chain activity, I can't wait to produce more quality content here since I feel like my F2P series really helped some newer players with their F2P cards.

Shoutout to @acid and the curator/admin team here in Gods On Chain, you guys are the real hero!

Good shit! Love seeing the Gods Unchained community growing here on Hive. Spreading that to Twitter will be a great way to drive more new players.

Ohh nice a new event <3. I liked the last one very much. Again time to play as many games as possible, unlucky that I dont have so much time this week.
Also trying to get some new people to Gods Unchained :).

I've always been curious about God's Unchained. I wonder how it compares to Splinterlands? I wonder if you have more control over your characters. I wonder if most of the game is spent putting your team together, or more of it is spent in the actual strategizing? I think I'm going to check it out.

I play both games. And I will tell you that you have far more control over your choices in Gods Unchained. There is a ton of time strategizing in this game. It all starts with your deck building. Then when you hit the opponent screen and you have to chose your God power. Your next choice dealing with strategy is your mulligan for your starting hand. Then each turn you have to make wise choices. Do I trade out a monster to gain board control or do I do direct damage to my enemies God. It is much more of a time investment then splinterlands. But if you are looking for a more hands on TCG NFT game then Gods Unchained is the game for you.

I downloaded it last night and started taking a look at it. I found a weird bug where it was getting stuck during the tutorial. I restarted it a couple of times but it brings you back to the beginning of the tutorial and I think I have figured out that the bug is related to mouse keys, So I found I have to turn those off when I play the game. It kind of sucks because I like mouse keys. As for the strategy, I can tell it is much harder than splinterlands and much more time-consuming… and I have yet to decide whether or not I like that, but I'm going to keep it until I figure it out. I'm not sure if it's the game for me but I definitely think it's cool.

To get the benefits of this game you need to put in the time. The best thing is if you can do that we are very early on this game. So in the future the cards you earn now may be worth more. Especially when we are talking about the $GODS tokens.

Feel free to check it out, they're quite different and can't really be compared.

For those who aren't that social in general

Thanks for considering people who aren't so social.
I am new to GU and I will be reading some articles to understand.
But I guess you need good amount to invest in beginning to start, that may be hard.
BTW iam 850th GU subscriber

It's very free2play friendly.

Ohh then I will surely checkout.😁

Just to build on this:

This of course also means that if we see spam attempts and low effort comments such as "good post" or "keep going", etc, they won't be counted towards any points and may even get you minus points if overdone.

The moderation team has recently noticed several instances of unacceptable behavior in the community that has put us on high alert. I, personally will be paying much closer attention than usual, so do try to behave.

That said, it also means that those fostering postive engagement in the community will be more noticed and thus more rewarded with upvotes if their comments appear to be genuine. View this less as a warning and more as encouragement to be active and social, as we'll be out there lookin' for ya! :D

Remind me this blog that you may want to have a look.
HBD.Funder Spam Comments Earned 1,439,172 Hive in 2021

Have you read the comments?

Another amazing project for the hive/gu community thank you! let's go ahead.

Happy to know there is this brand new contest on the way! :) its going to be hella fun!!! 😆 As well as informative for all of us in the community. Hope to see newcomers, as I myself have been one not so much ago.

I like it a lot the dividers sir Acid hahhhaha they look really nice! Also, please would it be possible to check if I got my name on the play2earn contest? I think I haven’t found it on the latest one. My GU name is: Yami Yugi.

Thanks 🙏 a lot for giving us authors this aweasome opportunity!!

I appreciate and respect all the good work and ideas put from the mods and admins to grow this community! Keep doing amazing things and I love the giveaway idea more than the previous one because it helps all of us grow on different sides.

So how to join the twitter contest Acidyo?

It will start very soon :)

Like fuck, I have to try it again. I don't know why I'm being so inert, I guess because I lost all my cards since I forgot my pass.

Time to hustle up!

I've been learning the ins and outs of GU. I'm starting to get there.

Great, @acidyo!

I still don't quite understand what this is about, but I hope to participate. I've been enjoying this game for three weeks and very soon I hope to publish my first post in the community. Successes!

There will be giveaways on the Gods On Chain twitter account. So to start you should go follow that. Then you should write good quality Gods Unchained content in this community. On top of that read posts from other creators and leave meaningful comments. So for example you see somebody post about a War deck. You could leave a comment about what cards you might use, or ask them questions of why they made their choices. This counts as on Chain activity and will give you credit towards the giveaways.

Hi, @squirrelacus!

Thanks so much for your very detailed explanation. I'm following the Gods On Chain Twitter account already, and in the next few days, I will publish my first post.

Sounds good. I look forward to your first post in the community. Take your time and put out the best work you can.

Recently, I am making a Youtube video to introduce GU game Card Mechanics.
However, I am a Cantonese Speaker, so my target audience are mainly Hong Konger, and maybe Taiwanese & Chinese. (and I am not going to add English subtitle, too much workload lol)

As English is the main language in this community, Im fine to make English post, but not English video. As there is already tons of English video outside but very few Chinese video talking about GU.

I am wondering if I am able to post Non-English video here, and If its possible, will that also counted as "On Chain Activity"

Anyway, Thanks for your hard work for this community, looking forward to the new event😃

If you are going to post a Non-English video I would suggest a paragraph or two of texts in English. That way we have some idea of what the video you are posting is about. Also I would make sure your GU name is able to be tracked or is the same as your Hive name. That way we can make sure the videos you are posting are your content.

What @squirrelacus said.

I really wanted to enter this contest from the start, wanted to learn with people who really understand how to win the game. But I have control with my Laptop which has low specifications. The last time I installed more errors than to be able to play. I hope to follow him this time.

I'd say that getting 800 votes on your post in a community of 850 members is quite representative of your initiatives for the community in the bigger picture. Love that there are different types of contests for different types of people, including a larger audience:)

Heh, amount of votes don't mean much on Hive since transactions are free to be cast as long as you have RC. Voters like to trail and autovote certain authors so a majority are from that.

Awesome! I am new to the game, and still learning what is what but already like it!

Are the cards to be given out from the DO expansion and the previous ones? No cores pls. 😅

We'll try to give out more rather than less and expensive ones like last time and aim for useful ones.

Greetings @acidyo 💕❤️....I really can't wait to take part in the God on chain contest. This is really gonna be fun for me 💕😊.. Thank you for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️

Yet another gods contest! Keep them coming! :)

So your encouraging splinterlands spam on Hive now?

Maybe read the post

Good initiative on hive
Thumbs up 👍

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from day 18

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Great another contest!!!! The cards for the last contest were sent? Where i can see the results ?

Most have been claimed yes, no deadline for the rest:

Thank you!

Good development. I'm really looking forward to it!

:) nice stuff happening. I like the artwork on GU cards a alot. u're mew esque pic is also very cool!

Indeed, thanks again @acidyo for the hard work.

thanks to the sponsor @pharesim, @theycallmedan and @yabapmatt
and thanks to all mod and curators!!

I am not so in posting but I definitely follow and read post in Hive, discovered thanks to GUI community and your initiative!!

For idea, I would recomend make a clearer description of the twitter participation. With first twitter contest to retweet/like do make a post here with a very simple bullet point to do to participate (like retweet, like, follow and comment on this post:....). This will catalyse high participation.

seem like good.

Thanks for your hard work, it helps a lot to create a healthy community. Now that the playerbase is growing a lot, it's important to keep them on the game and making friends help with that. Maybe other Hive communities will also get to see your posts and might be interested in joining GU, would be great. Cheers 👍

What is the contest all about and when will it it be ready?
Have read from the beginning to end,
No contests found.
I just want to be part of any contest in this GOC community

We haven't decided yet when it will start, the GU team is being a bit weird with the current state of the game and p2e.

Anticipating for the arrival of the contest..