GNAR TEAM HEIRLOOM SESSION 2 in Chicago at Zack's studio

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A legendary session went down.
The OG Gnar Team was called forth to assemble, and forge an impromptu @skatehive edit.
Once upon a time, a long time ago, back in 2001, three men decided to create a skate crew.
They did not know of a name to call themselves.
Until they heard a voice....
The voice said,
And they listened.


Hence, the GNAR TEAM was born!
Jon Tokarz, Paul Stacey, and Zack Goulet.
@gnarip12345, (no hive username as of yet), @web-gnar
Thats why I used the word gnar in all my names and stuff since liek 2001.
Its puely a coincidence that we are now working with a DAO called @gnars.
Its totally stokenomical!


We were shooting photos of my art but the session that went down was super fun!


skatehive wheel

wheel remastered 3.png

the community (@xvlad) thinks that its hard to read which is true so its not going to be used for skatehive but it will be used for the @steemskate logo which is cool.

soon we will have an NFT coming out in collaboration with sk8coin on WAX blockchain that will use this graphic on their 3-d model.

hey @knowhow92 how is that inward heelflip for the flatground contest? flat ground is really all im going to be able to do and this trick is a new one. i recommend trying it.

webgnar footer fin.png

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 12.45.19 PM.png

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 2 months ago  

So cool man, I wish I go on your studio someday.

 2 months ago  

that would be so cool


big flips? fullcap flips?? inward heels?!! such a dope sesh for such a reduce place as an art studio, you guys didn't get that name wrong, gnar sesh comin'in into skate hive hell yes!!

 2 months ago  

ahhaha thanks for the comment! yeah it was like having a session in a jail cell

 2 months ago  

Dude awesome to read the lore behind gnar. Didn't know you were a crew since 01, much respect.

One heel is dope,pop for days man, same for that vheel and Hardflip, actually everything 👆👆👆

Gonna text you in Discord with my contest idea soon, finalising some things and waiting on your feedback 🔥🔥🔥

Cheers man

 2 months ago  

Stokenomical! Love it! Gnarly for life!

That certainly was a great session of tricks, bs bigspin, hardflip, fs flip, inward heelflip etc, etc. It was very exciting to see trick after trick.
Congratulations friend.

 2 months ago  

thank you ser!