SKATEHIVE THANKSGIVING 🦃 - a night at Familia HQ

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Well, we're back, we're back at the Familia HQ.
While the edit might be quick it has some highlights.

I positioned the red guard rail after the handrail and had a fun time sliding down both lol.
featured in the edit are @tpc, @bigjayanimay, and @demonmemon.
lol, they all have Hive accounts but none of them use thier Hive accounts becuase its too difficult.

zack goulet 360 flip.gif

This is why we need to make @stoken and the @skatehive app front end!
In time, we will see our vision through.
Until then, keep shredding mates!

web gnar thumb 2.gif

music by Frank Black

webgnar footer fin.png

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 4 months ago  

Duude you just rip! Every clip in this edit was straight banger!

Awesome filming and choise of tune too, fits so well with the vibe! Felt like I was watching an early 2000's Adio team tour!

hand rail to flat bar was epic!
Zack's 3 flips r just on point!
fish eye angles were a super cool choice

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