6 months ago  

Get well soon brother!

Thank you dude! You're the best!

 6 months ago  

stem cell therapy sounds awesome!

It is! It's really a dream come true for a skateboarder.

 6 months ago  

thats sick


I hope he gets the treatment he needs.

Thank you dude 🙏 I plan to!

Good day. May God protect protect. Get well soon Tom.

🙏 always 🙏 thanks so much!

 6 months ago  

where is the ethereum thing for him? the NFT that funds this

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 6 months ago  

Wishing you the best Tom! I’ve read a fair it on Stem Cell research, and it’s really doing some incredible stuff for a variety of issues. Hope it gets you the results you desire!

Thank you! The fact that we're at a point where we can access regneerative medicine is incredible. I will be ecstatic to get this done!

i hope you health soon bro and can skate mutch fast is possible!

Thank you dude!! Still super stoked on your deck design!