Philanthro-bee #1 | Donating Funds To "The Hypothetical Skater"

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What's up Skatehive fam?

Time for some updates on "Philanthro-bee", a new initiative combining charity and skateboarding organized by @Skatehive community.

Our very first "Philanthro-bee" was a huge success and thanks to your support we raised 143 Hive tokens and donated them to The Hypothetical Skater's GoFundMe.


More specifically

  • 10 HBD and 2 Hive as post tips
  • 4 Hive worth of Hive Engine tokens post payments
  • 19.707 HBD and 57.334 Hive post payments

All HBD and HE Tokens were converted to Hive

How we donated crypto

It would be awesome if GoFundMe was accepting crypto donations but unfortunatelly they don't(yet). No problem though cause converting crypto to real money and donating them is not that hard at all!

What we did was

  • Sent Hive tokens raised to + 10 exra Hive from @skatehive account


  • Sell 153 Hive for 55 USDT



Why Philanthro-Bee?

The Skateboarding community is one of the strongest communities out there and Skatehive is no exeption. Few things feel better than helping a fellow skateboarder in tough times and thanks to internet and Hive blockchain we were able to do this and we will be doing this again.

We at Skatehive know we are for the long term and for the community and that is the crux of the matter, community . We can make money though our upvotes and our community so why not expand that into the greater skate community by donating to skate related causess?

Thank you all for supporting the very first "Philanthro-bee" and if you like helping fellow skaters out stay tuned cause @stickchumpion is already on the lookout for the next skate-related cause we're gonna donate to!

Wanna support the skateboarding scene on Hive?

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 2 months ago  

This was pure awesomeness! Stupid me forgot to donate but I'll double my donation at the next Philanthro-bee! Coming soon @stickchumpion ?!?

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