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We have been thinking alot about how to tell fellow skaters about Skatehive without sounding like a "crypto bro go to the moon in your lambo prick" . Unfortunately as soon as you mention "money" people tend to get suspicious

We at Skatehive know we are for the long term and for the community and that is the crux of the matter, community . We can make money though our upvotes and our community so why not expand that into the greater skate community by donating to skate related causess?

We give you "Philanthro-bee"

For this particular episode , we came across a fellow youtuber who set up a GoFundMe for a skater who knew who had to flee his country . We thought this would be great oppurtunity to help some one out via Skatehive donations . For more info see the video here

We at Skatehive wanna help so we asked the community for some footage, the community delivered and we present you the very first "Philanthro-bee" edit

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How to get involved

You can support this "Philanthro-bee" by upvoting this post or tip any amount of Hive or HBD! A re-blog is awesome too so we can spread the news all over the blockchain.

All post rewards will be donated to The Hypothetical Skate via GoFundMe and you can also donate directly there too.

Philanthro-bee initiative is organized by @stickchumpion. Cheers homie

Thank you all for your support in advance and...



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 2 months ago  

love the initiative! LFG skatehive fam!

Yo dude forgot to mention the song is Goldie "Timeless"

 2 months ago  

the editing is great. nice work!

Thanks as always for your kind words homie

Incredible initiative, I know that we will be able to help this skater, for a year now it has crossed my mind to make a gofoundme to be able to leave Venezuela for Colombia and start a better life, but it has cost me to separate myself from my family.
Let's support this man skateboarding is family.

Big ups to one of the OG steem skaters

dropped in 10 HBD as its worth more and I made some of it from my first video talking about this

nice f work @stickchumpion. Let´s go!!! 🙌💛

Amazing, guys!