Skatehive Community Edit #4

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Skatehive Community edit #4 is online featuring lots of cryptoskaters from all parts of the globe

Skaters @xvlad , @Boeltermc , @web-gnar , @howweroll , @knowhow92 , @miguelUrbina , @unhurried , @giannisk8 , @homelesscrewmx and @kike.adventure , @stickchumpion

Edit @stickchumpion


  • Intro: Jesus And Mary Chain - Just like Honey
  • Song 1: Kyler Key - Aeodian (Fluid Art)
  • Song 2:Kyler Key - Ionagian (Fluid Art)
  • Song 3 and Slo-mo: Voluntarios da Patria - o homem que eu amo*

Enjoy watching & Skatehive4Life

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▶️ Mirror : Watch on Odysee

*Interesting fact about this song (by @stickchumpion, editor).

Voluntarios da Patria is a Brazilian post punk band. I first heard this song on the H street "Shackle me not" skateboard video (time stamp 47:36).
They used this song because at a skateboard demo in Βrazil they got passed the tape of this band and put it in the video. Therefore I only see it fitting to carry on the legacy and put it in the Skatehive edit as we roll towards web 3.

About Skatehive

SkateHive is the house of Web 3.0 skateboarders and our goal is to onboard skaters and "extreme" artists in the blockchain world.

SkateHive is built on top of decentralized platforms that allow us to own our accounts, our communities, which means that instead of allowing others to advertise on our content to generate value, we tokenize interactions, allowing us to retain value generated by our content, to be sold on the free market in the form of cryptocurrency.

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▶️ 3Speak


Skatehive for life! how cool to be part of this 🔥

sweet footage , really liked the nollie big spin

So fucking awesome!! 💛🍯🐝 what a nice music match with clips... every one killed it again, I love been here with u all! much love @stickchumpion 🔥

Thanks so much for your help organising the clips it made things go alot quicker

 last year  

Beautiful edit by the most awesome Web 3 community!Fuck yeah guys!

Daryl's part was so trippy!

Big up to Kyler for the music

 last year  


 last year  

Fuck Yeahhhhhhhhhhh guys! I love everyone!

The legend with all the clips

 last year (edited) 

so RAD though!
daryls part was sick!
the slow mo section was So good!


Sick crooks

 last year  

i really enjoyed the Just Like Honey intro again

 last year  

Fuck Yeahhhhhhhhhhh guys! I love all of u

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