CashForTricks June 2022 Winner - Miki Jaume

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What's up #Skatehive Fam?

After a month of hardcore shredding and with more than 40 participants from all around the globe, we're proud to announce the very first winner of #CashForTricks, an online skateboarding contest organized by and @skatehive.

The winner was chosen by the community via a Poll on Skate Hype plaform which lasted for 7 days (July 1-7) and the stats have spoken...

Winner : Miki Jaume


Cograts @mikijaume

You're the first ever winner of #CashForTricks Contest!

Miki's Switch Heelflip down the legendary 6 stairs in "Sa Feixina" plaza, Mallorca will displayed forever in the "Hall Of Fame" Playlist at the top of Skate Hype's front-page and 100 HBD (worth $100) were transfered to Miki's Hive wallet

Transaction ID :

Thank you all for participating and we hope you had lots of fun filming your entries. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate regardless the level of skills, it's all about having fun skateboarding.

#CashForTricks July 2022 Is ON

CashForTricks July 2022 has already begun so grab your board, meet your homies, film some new tricks, upload them on Skate Hype and earn crypto!

Official contest post here :

Cheers to everyone and #Skatehive4Life


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 7 months ago  

Congrats @mikijaume, perfect Sw Heel and down a spot we all wanna skate one day hehehe!

 7 months ago  

congrats @mikijaume you took a gnarly flip trick to a sick street stair-set for the gold. well deserved

GOAT Sw Heel

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Congrats @mikijaume !!! 💛💛💛