The Crescent Curse

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"What's happening to me Tsiyi? Ah…" she screamed.

"Oh my God, c'mon Buddy. Tsiyi what did you do to us?" Lucas yelled.

It all happened in one little town, one small cabin, and one trip to my family's native home. We never knew we were walking into something beyond our imagination. Here's how it all started.

Growing up as a child, my daddy will always read to me and my sibling's stories of his native home. The great Amber and the amazing things they did before evolution happened. "Evolution? What kind of Evolution?" I asked. But he refused to give me an answer. And mother, his magnificent angel, he always said. She keeps warning Daddy to stop telling us such stories and read to us children stories and not some weird family legacy. Sometimes I found them so boring and childish, despite the fact I was seven years old then.

I could remember one night. Daddy walked into our room to read us bedtime stories, as usual, then he brought out a kid fairy tale storybook to read to us. I got angry and turned deaf ears to everything he was saying. Soon, he noticed my attitude and stopped reading. "Okay, kiddies. The End." He said.

"No, Daddy. It can't be the end." My other siblings lamented. They wanted more of that boring fairy tale story.

"Hold on a second, I think I have another book. Oh, yeah I do. And there's it. The crescent Wolf." He rolled his eyes at me with a wild smile, which got my attention. It was a story about my native family and their true nature. They were known to transform into weird creature. "But what could that be? And why haven't I seen Daddy transform?" I kept pondering on this question since when I was seven.

When I turned seventeen my father gave me a ring and a rope-like necklace which had a wooden carved moon suspended to the brown rope. He never told me why I should always have it on me. And I never thought to ask him because I believed it was part of parental love. Even my siblings were given the same ring and necklaces but different colors. But that isn't the reason I write to you.

It was on summer break. Lucas, Waya, Isabella, Nicki, and I arranged to spend the summer break at my old cabin, which was at my native home. So we decided to seek our parent's permission before going on the trip. My friend's parents gave their approval but my father was proving stubborn and desired to tag along with the trip. So I had to convince him we will be in our best behaviors, after much talk. He gave his approval but under a condition.

"Alright son, you can go. But under one condition. You and your friends must not touch any of those sealed boxes. Damn…. Don't touch any box at all, else I'll come for you." He raised his eyebrows waiting for my reply.

"Okay Daddy, I promise, we won't."

Now, he left a curious thought in my mind. "What box was he talking about?" I said to myself as I left home saying goodbye to my parents, then joined Waya in his blue van. The trip was twenty miles away from home, so we had several stops to stretch our legs and get a few items for the ladies.

To be sincere, we weren't going to be alone there because we planned to have a night party in the cabin, which our parents weren't aware of. Yes, I lied to make this trip happen not just for me but for Nicki, my crush. Nicki has been my crush ever since I was nine years old, she has feelings for me but she is shy to express it. Anyway, tonight I'll tell her how I feel for her.

After hours on the road, we finally arrived at my family's Cabin. The house looked spooky, old with weird objects hanging outside the Cabin walls.

"What could be inside?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, Tsiyi… are you sure we're in the right place?" Waya asked.

"Oh, c'mon guys let's go in and clean up. We have a party tonight." Isabella said as Nicki smiled at her.
After the cleaning, the party kicked off by 4 pm, and our guest arrived. During the party, I was able to express my feelings to Nicki and we kissed. The party vibes did help to create the connection and mood.

Immediately, the clock ticked past 9 pm.

"Party Over!!!" I yelled as I stopped the music player. For a while, silence enveloped the room, but it was broken by murmurings from the guest. But still, they had to go. The whole room was a mess, so I had to do some cleaning. Just as I was picking up emptying bottles and cans. Isabella walked into the living room and shouted.

"Hey, Guys! Look at what I found? Come check it out!"

"Oh! Isabel, it's just a box." Waya said as he laughed.

"Shut up. Waya." Isabella frowned

We gathered around Isabella, as she placed the box on the floor. It was a box. A game box called "Pick a card." And it requires six players but we were five.

"Whoa! This looks interesting." Lucas said, putting his hand into the box and drawing out a card. A love card with a written caption, 'kiss your partner or die by sleep.'

"Hell no! I am not kissing Tsiyi. That's ugly bro. But I don't want to die, so let's get along with it." He kisses me.

"Damn… what happened here remains here. And Dude why do your lips taste gross. Shit!!!" He spat on the floor.

"It's my turn." Isabella insisted. She drew out a card having a Grim Reaper on it. "Find the Crescent box."

It didn't take long to find the box. Nicki found it under the old brown armchair. On top of the black box was written a crescent curse. Then I remembered my father's warning, but I ignored them. I was curious to know what was in it.

"Here's the box. So…. Who's going to open it?" Nicki asked as we both stared at

"C'mon! You all are scared little cats, just because it's written curse doesn't mean it's truly cursed." He then poured some saliva on his palm, as he slowly removed the lock and opened it. "Opened… and nothing happened." He laughed, but Lucas was wrong. Something strange came out of it. Three small ball lights came out and hung in the air. We were freaked out, but still curious. After a minute, the light ball moved and entered Lucas, Isabella, and Waya's bodies.

"What just happened?" Nicki was terrified.

"What's happening to me Tsiyi? Ahh…" Isabella screamed.

"Uhmm… I think I'm feeling something moving inside me." Waya cried out.

"Oh my God, c'mon Buddy, Tsiyi, what did you do to us? Lucas yelled as he was sweating profusely.

"Calm down, everyone we're…."

Suddenly, every bone in their body was breaking due to their transformation. I could hear the sounds of their cracking bones, which were causing immense pain to them. The uncontrollable rage they had was unstoppable. The rapid growth of hairs and claws. Then changes of eye color and strength. I have never seen this before. A werewolf.

In rage they ran outside the cabin, breaking the hinges off the door, while I hid myself and Nicki somewhere safe, then I took my phone and called my father, as I narrated everything to him.

" Son, don't worry, they will be fine. But stay somewhere safe. Don't go after them. I'll be there shortly. It's time to meet the family." He ended the call.

The End


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The horror promised throughout the narrative happens, @ubani1. You make us face it. Fortunately it's not the first time and the father knows how to keep the family protected.

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Terrific story, @ubani1. I love the structure of the story, and how you started immediately with action to draw in your readers, then returned to the time before to narrate what led up to that scene. It's a very good writing technique for starting a story. And I was captivated the whole way!

 4 months ago  

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am glad you liked it 💗💗

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