The Musical Guardian

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Chloe! You're different, it's only been a summer

Amelia asked with the fear that always shows in her eyes when she sees me.

I don't know what you're talking about but I do know I'm not different, take it or leave it.

I would always give her same response without explaining to her.

We've been friends since childhood but things got a little awkward between us after our last summer break. My family and I travelled to our country side to see grandma who was very happy to see me especially.

Grandma and I did a lot of catching up, she took me to a place and also told me who I really was and why I was born to our family. I felt like a queen in my own villa and I was so happy I was the chosen one.

Grandma, my family and every other relatives that knew about our ancestral gift would always address me as the most favoured but none ever got jealous of me or maybe I never thought in that direction.

From when I was a baby, music had been something I do with ease and can even perform some little magic with it not knowing I was actually sharpening my abilities the more I did. My classmates in school never sat with me, well except Amelia who was also a loner until she met me. We played together, read together and grew up together until my encounter with my grandma when I turned 18.

It was time for me to use my magical powers for it's purpose, I was the musical guardian of my family generation. Every member knew how to play one musical instrument or another but I was a god that could play all the kinds of musical instruments.

Handling my violin to play a tune means I'm about to avert an evil going on anywhere... It was my best instrument to play because I felt I was helping a lot of people.


Playing the guitar takes me up to the sky to see from afar whoever would need help and I'll go saving them, I became a beautiful and popular music guardian. Amelia found out about me and couldn't stop bragging about me at school.

I had to work as a musical guardian while I school, this made me a special student in school. Everyone loved me, I felt like a heroine and made a lot of money from helping those in school.

Grandmum had failed to tell me that I would lose my powers if I was to use it wrongly and by wrongly, when I take returns for helping. I got to find out about it when the power was all gone, I couldn't even hold a guitar.

The whole family gathered together to find a way out so they don't receive curse because of my mistake. A guide was brought out for me to follow to get my powers back but only if I have a repentant heart.

My uncle had always been the one in charge of the guide book and he didn't fail to walk me through the steps until I was able to have my powers back and become a heroine again.

I turned a new leaf, never took returns again but helped countless people with the powers that I have from playing music, I became the world's musical guardian.



Your first line here is interesting, though not dramatic. You do use the prompt very well, as the narrator becomes a music guide/guardian. This is a fantasy story, in which magic plays a strong role. You are consistent in using this, and that is a good thing.

Thank you for sharing this story with us and for engaging with other authors in the community.

Thanks so much for your support

Your use of imagination while describing music is beautiful. I love how you write too.

Thanks dear 🥰

A nice story. Music can be a great power. 🙂

Yeah! I thought I should show a bit of that in my story 🥰

Chloe learned her lesson the hard way. Sometimes, it is both a gift and a curse to be able to see beyond everyone else. Good that she was able to come out of it. Helping others without wanting anything in return is a different type of sweetness.

That's right, she learnt her lessons for sure

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I like your portray of the prompt word. Chloe only needed to read the 'guide book' and turn from her ways to regain the ability that was lost.

That's right, thanks