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............, stay safe and be good bro. I love you

That was the last line in the letter from my brother Rick. This was the second time I would be reading it in the last one hour as I dropped the letter on the table and began to reminisce about the past.

I was just setting the table for dinner when I heard the sound of someone turning the lock. Few seconds later, my big brother Rick walked in looking stressed and was momentarily shocked to find me in his apartment.
Smiling I ran towards him as he grabbed me in a hug.

Wow, I wasn't expecting you to be home till tomorrow he said

Well, I wanted to surprise you and going by your look just now I think I achieved it I said, ruffling his hair. I'm sure I was the only one he allowed to do that, except mom.

Haha, you this rascal. You're lucky I didn't call the cops on you he replied laughing as he pushed me away playfully.

And what would you have told them? That your little brother was in your apartment making dinner I asked

Anything just to get you out of my hair. Anyways at least you had the sense to make dinner, I hope it doesn't taste bad he replied jokingly

Feigning mock annoyance I replied as I headed towards the dining table For that statement young man, you shall only smell but not taste the fruits of my labor

My brother went to take his bath and later joined me as we had dinner together. I explained how I was able to finish early in school and decided to come home two days earlier than scheduled. I had gotten an admission in one of the best universities but in a different state and every year I come home a day before to celebrate Christmas with my brother. My name is Alex and we're both orphans.

We'd both lost our parents in an accident on our way back from a family dinner on Christmas day. Survival became tough and Rick decided to drop out, get a job so he could see me through school. Ever since then we spent Christmas together in celebration and in remembrance of our parents.

Rick was not just my brother, he was my parent in every sense of the word. His selflessness and sacrifices to make me a better man were the guiding principles of my life and being in my final year i was looking forward to the day I would graduate and make him proud. We celebrated together and after the holidays were over I went back to school.

Two weeks before I graduated, I got a call from home. It was from an hospital telling me Rick had just passed away. Apparently he'd been sick for a long time and all the stress signs I thought I noticed was him loosing the fight to cancer.

It was a completely shattered me that booked a flight back home to prepare for his burial arrangements. I arrived at his apartment was going through some of his stuff when I found the letter.

It read : Dear Alex, if you're reading this letter then i must've passed on. I've been struggling with cancer for a while now and I'm sorry I didn't tell you on time, I only wanted you to focus on your dreams and not worry too much about me.
I know how much the news of my death would sadden you, but I want you to be the strong and good man I know you to be.
Remember to live a happy life, stay safe and be good bro. I love you

Tears poured down my eyes as I dropped the letter on the table and remembered all the wonderful memories we shared. I was going to miss him, but I would graduate and live a good life in respect to the one true guide I ever had.


This is such a sad ending. It looks like Alex would have to go the remaining length of his journey alone and it's sad, especially losing loved ones.

Loosing loved ones is never easy. But sometimes their lives also inspire us to be better people.

That's true.

That is a very sad story, @hazmat, and yet it manages to be inspiring at the same time. Telling the story from a first person perspective works well, because this allows us to feel the emotions more immediately.

Good use of the and also a good hook line. Thank you for sharing this with us and for engaging with other authors in the community.

Thanks for the feedback. It is highly appreciated

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Excellent hook. But, oh so sad. Nevertheless, it’s a good read and you pull on the heartstrings very well. Nicely done. ❤️🙃🤗💕💓💯💯

It's a sad one, but sad memories can also be a source of motivation to want to make happy ones.
Thanks for stopping by 🤝

True ❤️🙃🤗

An elder brother is always a blessing, I have one so I know the value of that properly.
It was a sad one yet motivating, we must take the lesson and be more grateful that we do have our loved ones with us and pray for the ones who have left us already.
Well written!

Oh so sad, cancer keeps taking lives 😒 it would be so heartbreaking to read such a letter

Nice story even though I prefer happy endings 🙈