Parallel and remote realities

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Parallel and remote realities

No one, at the risk of sounding foolish, considers, in this day and age, that the human species is destined to reign over nature. It took many generations of long-suffering people experiencing all kinds of hardship, plus a long period of uncertainty and searching for an alternative place to planet Earth to enable the species of our world to live.

This happened in the distant past. Romantic thoughts of humanity had been left behind and in their place, and in the place of divine powers, the idea of a society programmed on the principles of science and the use of technology finally took hold. In the long and historic struggle, science had triumphed.

Gradually, over the centuries, under generalised scientific criteria, authoritarianism and the need for personal power ceased, and an era without war came into being. It was in that period that the modification began that built the world as we live it today.

Thanks to my propulsion mechanisms, I move on the suspended platform at the same height as Everest along the Himalayan range. My name is Katia.

I am collecting data and monitoring the effects of the variations introduced for the achievement of parallel realities in Lunaris, a small experimental city.

From this experiment, Time acceleration in future travel, seven alternative realities emerged, located in different times and spaces; all under my continuous observation.

I arrive with the digital reproduction of each of the seven alternative realities with their complex relationships, behavioural patterns, economy, systems of ideas, etc.... I have established a precise classification of avatars. I bring the report to the World Science Council.

Huge screens in the Government complex are illuminated so that the sages can follow the uneven development of the processes of people and the effects of human life, in the totality of life, and compare them in their various realities. In this way, harmful effects can be ruled out by manipulating inadvisable experiences.

The seven different parallel realities are displayed on seven different screens. What is to come is a complex process. All members of the Council can see ourselves, on these screens, in the figure and name of our own avatars, living seven different lives.

We, The Governing Council and our citadel Lunaris 7, are the seventh reality.

To be precise my name is Katia7-HL7. Here I am, in front of my own information unravelling the way I became an evolutionary development analyst and finding out if I am happy with who I am. The whole council lives the same experience. We unravel one's own life in order to make general decisions.

I am looking for Katia6-HL7. Her life is directed towards teaching conventional statistics. I see her in her story, boarding the ship that took her light years ahead in time and stopped her ageing.

From this avatar I come. With the possibility of extending my life, until the Council sees fit, thanks to the multiple time travels that Katia6-HL7 made.

While I see her different aspects as a human my curiosity wanders, jumping from screen to screen, between my different virtual realities.

The Avatar of Katia1-HL7 captures me. A kind of hypnosis possesses me: can an avatar have so much vitality and joy? Her hair floats in the air. Her steps are different every time, her voice takes on so many intonations. The producers of computerised gestures have endowed her with a sparkle in her eyes that makes them look like stars.

Katia1-HL7 has children, I see her make mistakes and suffer and get it right and be happy with joyful wonder. I see her walk with an unprecedented grace, in a way of walking that distances me ostensibly from her.

This Katia lives in the original Lunaris.

Today, in a time hundreds of light years away, The Council revisits parallel realities dispersed in time, even though we are in nearby spaces. We know that it is possible to enter the different worlds using what the ancients called "Worm tunnels".

Today in the small Lunaris there is a party, New Year's Eve is celebrated, a celebration extinct in the other parallel realities. The sky is lit up with crude and momentary fictitious stars, people laugh and embrace each other.

Katia1-HL7 is splendid, in front of her I am a grey, monotonous shell. I feel a pulse slipping out of my hands, I recover myself and look around me.

The whole council is staring in a strangely insistent way at the screen of the original Lunaris.

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Love this -somewhere I see a grain of truth about creation. Wonderful story.

Greetings, @redheadpei! It's a pleasure for me that my story can seem credible. I leave you a hug. Thanks for reading.

Most welcome @gracielaacevedo. 🤗

@silentbot star 4

Thanks so much for posting this fascinating story in The Inkwell! I love how you ended this. After so long, we finally rediscovered what it is to truly live!

No, on the contrary. Thanks to the beautiful community that allows me to host my writings.

An incredible vision of parallel realities in time. I cannot fathom such a state of being. Just imagine all the struggles and conflicts of one reality, now multiply that by 7 across the parallel worlds. It boggles the mind. I would have liked to learn more about the characters and the tension that arises from living in such an unusual arrangement. For example, I like the idea that in some of the realities, they no longer celebrate New Years. That's wild. It makes me wonder if this celebration would eventually go extinct or whether the other societies would rediscover it and join the celebration.

Great read!

Greetings, @litguru .
I was also intrigued by the 7 personalities of Katia. I could barely glimpse some characteristics of Katia6, the ancestor whose life was diverted to become this behavior analyst that is Katia7. Maybe sometime I will have the chance to observe carefully the behavior of all the avatars and explain the manipulations they suffered from the original Katia, so distant and different.
My first idea with this exercise was to exploit the idea of the illusion of cycles and in general of the beautiful human ingenuity. But science fiction always wins me over and takes over my fingers.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story.☘️

But science fiction always wins me over and takes over my fingers.

I know what you mean. Science fiction can be an excellent vehicle to expand the imagination.

What a beautiful and wistful story, @gracielaacevedo. Sometimes I forget just how powerful science fiction can be, and that it can have the same emotional elements as other genres. You have such a vivid and wonderful imagination!

Thanks for your appreciation, @jayna.

These differences in personalities, of the characters in this story, seem to be given from the change of certain circumstances (which in a science fiction scenario are manipulabes, not like in real life) but maintain a "forgotten humanity" that comes out easily.... I can imagine the emotion of the characters as they become aware of it.

A hug, friend.

I used to think the idea of parallel universes was intriguing, even comforting. Alternatives to the familiar. I don't think that anymore. (Although there probably are parallel universes). One is enough. I'd rather stick with what I know. Bad or good, I'll deal with it.

I think New Year's, looking back and looking forward, gives rise to such speculation.

Happy New Year, @gracielaacevedo

I continue to be fascinated by physics with its immense questions about the origin, development and end of the universe, @agmoore.
I'm almost obsessed with change. The cycles of time, as they are conceived (e.g., "year in" and "year out," what a naive way to think about time!), are very conducive to reflecting on how we want to live our lives.

Happy new year, @agmoore! May it be full of joy for you

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Hello, @rayt2 ! True, it is a bit strange that people can be themselves and become others. From my point of view this is how it always happens. In this story accentuated by the modification that occurs imaginary in different spaces and times.
I think your comment refers to the fragmentation of personalities, which the cinema and psychologistic literature have addressed. Thanks for reading, my friend.