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“Hey Sam! You’ll be at the beach party, won’t you?”

Samantha rolled her eyes as those words filled her ears. It was a trick question, she knew. From the mischievous glint in James’ green eyes, she could tell that he was well aware of what her answer would be.

Hell, anyone who knew Sam didn’t have to ask if she’d be at the party. She hadn’t attended a single one, all through high school, and they were already graduating.

A lot of people thought it odd, that the captain of the cheerleading team, school president, prom Queen for three years in a row since sophomore year, never attended gatherings that were outside of school.

Many of them had even tried to get close to her to find out if there was any particular reason why. In fact, they’d come up with several ridiculous rumors such as her Dad wouldn’t let her, she had a strict curfew, her wealthy parents were abusive, and so she couldn’t do anything to trigger them, and oh, her personal favorite, she turned into a vampire at night. Can you believe that?

Thinking about it now, made her laugh, as it always did. She’d ignored all the rumors, of course. They’d never succeeded in getting to her, and they never would.

The simple truth was, she just didn’t fancy parties, as easy as that. Whenever there was one out of school, and her classmates returned with stories of the incredulous things that had happened overnight, her resolve grew even firmer.

Getting wasted and dancing mindlessly, only to end up making out with random classmates in foreign bedrooms and dark alleys would never appeal to her. Honestly, she couldn’t even wrap her head around how anyone considered any of that fun. And that was why she stayed away from class parties.

It was also why she had no interest in attending the beach party, even though it was being held in celebration of their graduation, and that indeed, was a good reason to celebrate. As far as she was concerned, prom night was more than sufficient.
“Is this one of those times when you ask me the same question over and over, expecting my answer to be different even when you know it wouldn't be?” she asked James who just happened to be her best friend and next door neighbor.

They were in the school cafeteria, and she really just wanted to have lunch in peace.

“C’mon, Samantha, you’ve been like this all of high school. We’re finally getting out! Loosen up a little for once! Let your hair down! Besides, it’s going to be an afternoon party. Worst case scenario, it’d spill into late evening, but I promise you can leave anytime. I’ll also make sure no drinks come your way. Whatdyasay? You have to at least let us see that hot bikini body once in our lifetime, so we can die happy, don’t you think?”

She threw her bean sprouts at him, unable to help herself from laughing. James was never serious. Then again, that had always been part of his charm, hadn’t it? It was why they made a good team. She was thenerd/socialite/serious student. He was the playboy who just wanted to have fun, plus captain of the football team. Many people had misunderstood their relationship a lot of times but the two of them? It was never going to happen.

Just then, hush fell, and the whole cafeteria went quiet. Sam didn’t have to look up to know what had happened, but she did anyway.

And there he was, Carl Kincaid, East Ville’s number one bad boy, and her one and only arch nemesis. He was a bully, but not the kind that hit people. It was simply the arrogant way he carried himself, the way his glare forced people to obey him without even having to say a word.

How he made it clear that he couldn’t be bothered to socialize as the only person he cared about was himself. And by the way, even though he was one of the hottest and most intelligent guy in school, he never paid attention to any girl, including herself.

She hated his guts, and it was no secret that the feeling was mutual.

“Ooouhhh,” James whistled. “Your boyfriend looks extra handsome today.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” she snapped, ignoring the skip her heart made, when her gaze locked with Carl’s even for the briefest moment.

James raised his hand in surrender, laughing. “If you say so. But you should know, he’s going to be at the beach party too. I’m certain you’re definitely going to catch his attention in your bikini.”

“I’ll be wearing shorts and a crochet bralette, thank you,” Sam heard herself say before she could think her response through.

James’ gasp filled the air, echoing through the silence that still reigned, and giving them attention. “Does that mean you’re coming?”

Samantha couldn’t hold his gaze. Stabbing her hotdog, and stealing another glance at her arch enemy, she whispered, “I guess.”
This was a mistake, Sam thought to herself as she stepped into the privateered beach party. Every pair of eyes were on her, with jaws dropped in astonishment. She knew they were probably wondering if their eyes were playing tricks on them.

“I told y’all she would come!” James chimed, laughing happily. “Now, I believe everyone here owes me at least twenty bucks. Time to pay up guys.”

Just like that, the commotion resumed. Samantha found a quiet corner to stay as James went around, collecting his winnings from the bet he’d placed.

She was worried that her shorts were too high up her thighs, and her bralette too revealing, but compared to the other ladies on the beach, she felt like a reverend sister.

Soon, her fellow cheerleading teammates came to her to keep her company, James made sure to keep an eye on her, and also keep the alcohol away from her as he’d promised, even as he continued to be the life of the party.
Before long, she found herself enjoying the afternoon. It turned out to be not so bad after all. There were games and interesting chitchats, and plenty to eat. After a few cocktails, she was ready to go into the water like the others.

Just as she made her way over, she felt someone’s gaze burning into her. Again, she knew who it was before she even turned around. Like always, her heart skipped a beat as her eyes met his, butterflies swarmed her tummy and she wondered if she actually truly liked this guy.

It couldn’t be possible, could it? Why would she be attracted to someone who cares only about himself? If that was the case, then she had to re-examine her taste because if Carl was thirsty and someone was on fire, she was certain he’d use the little water that was available to quench his taste. That was just how self-absorbed he was.

Imagine her not being surprise when his lips curved in a smirk, as though he was taunting her, daring her. Samantha scoffed. He had the guts to smirk! At her! Why? Because he looked so hot in nothing but blue beach shorts?

Cheeks flaming at the silly thought that had just crossed her mind, she threw him death glares, spun around and ran the rest of the way into the sea.

She should have been more cautious, she should have watched more carefully, and she should have listened. Maybe then, she would have seen the heavy tide coming, or heard James’ cry asking her to fall back; but it was too late.

As soon as she dived in, the waves swallowed her whole, rendering her arms and legs weak. She stood no chance,and that loss of momentum proved hard for her to recover from. No matter how much she tried to find her balance, and stay afloat, the water only kept dragging her down.
Image by Cristian Palmer
Her life flashed before her eyes and panicking, she began to squeal, flailing her arms, hoping that someone, anyone would see to save her.

She didn’t know how long she struggled, it could have been minutes, but it seemed an eternity. Soon, she was sinking deeper, her face falling below the water surface, powerless to keep fighting.

So this is it, this is how I die, she thought to herself. She never should have come to this party. All her life, she had abided by her rules and this one time she decided to do something different!

Just then, she felt strong arms wrap around her, and before she knew it, she was being carried out of the water. Her face felt light again with the warmth of the sun as she tried to fill her lungs with air once more, even as spurts of water came out in throat-jerking coughs.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ve got you,” a male voice muttered softly. From how close it sounded, she knew it had to be her rescuer.

Why did that voice seem familiar, she wondered? Not that it truly mattered, she was just grateful to be alive.

Nonetheless, she got her answer as he finally set her down on a mat, so she’d catch enough breath. Electric blue orbs were the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes, then golden locks and that awfully familiar smirk.

“You good?” Carl asked, smiling.

Samantha almost couldn’t believe her eyes. Carl??? Of all the people that could have saved her, Carl???

Yet, as shocked as she was, the joy that began to rumble in her heart made one thing clear at that moment. She liked him. She truly liked him, this unlikely hero.

“Oh shit!” she swore aloud. “Well, I’ll be damned.”

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Great story @davidbright
This was told with so much ease and it was interesting to read!
I kept smiling while reading it and I could surely see the characters come alive in my head.
Hey @samsmith1971 i didn't know you had such a great body that made every stare so much and I didn't know you like guys like Carl, all self absorbed and full of mystery.

This was a superb read, really deserves to be reblogged!..

haha cheeky !LOLZ I'd run a mile from a guy like Carl hehe! 🤣 The mystery I'd go for...the self-absorbed ass...not so much haha

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😂 😂 😂 😂 😂... This was a fictional character and not about our @samsmith1971 even though our Sam is a lovable person also. I still wonder why ladies always fall for guys who are self absorbed and full of mystery.. They always love that bad look in them.. Why is it so?

Thanks for the reblog and comment.. I appreciate

This is fantastic @davidbright. You make us fall in love with all of your characters and their quirks. Just beautiful joyful writing. Honestly, I just kept smiling all the way through (except for the part where she nearly drowned of course...but the writing was still great then!). Great interpretation of the prompt. I thought you hit all the right notes with this one. !PIZZA !ALIVE !LUV

Awww... Thanks so much ma'am..Am glad you loved it. I just had to think outside the box for this.. I hope to do better with the next prompt though

you want to better?

hmmmm I don't think you can do better than First Place 😁


(also - you should really update your profile picture in DreemPort hahaha) it is showing you as a lady right now LOL

You can never get tired of being better and that's why we keep working on ourselves everyday. I'm indeed so happy.

For the picture, I have already updated it at my end. Since last year.. Maybe I will check it again to see what the problem is. Thanks ma'am

@davidbright! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (5/10)

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I really like this kind of story. It's cliche yes but I don't really see anything wrong with that. Anyways, Samantha is the type of girl that one would like to be in a relationship with because she's serious and committed which is quite rare these days. About Carl, I think he also liked Sam which is why he's acting the way he did. Yeah, I think he's the type of guy that would acted mean just to get his crush' attention.

I'm glad you understand this story.. Sam is just lovable, everyone wants to be with her. Even James wants that to, only Sam doesn't see it happening with him. She got to finally admit that she loves Carl after he heroically saved her from drowning...

Thanks for your comment

Aww, you are really good at writing romantic and love stories. Look at the way you got my whole attention reading this. So interesting, I must say. Carl finally acted the nice guy and proved to everyone of his kindness. @dreemport led me here.

Guess he has always been nice but people keep assuming he was a bully because of the way he portrays himself.

I am happy you enjoyed reading this.. Thanks for your comment

Oh, what a story!!
I love your write up, it's beautiful, the scene, the characters and everything is awesome.
Nice blog @davidbright

Thanks so much dear.. It wasn't easy coming up with this... But I'm glad I ended up with something people would love...

Yeah, it was a thrilling one indeed.

What a great story really gave us a deep insight if her thoughts and feelings throughout

I found my way here via #dreemport

Thanks so much sir.. I'm glad you love the story..


This is an interesting story, it was such a bad experience on the first day of her going to party with friends, but turns out to be an interesting one there after.
Thanks to Carl who save his life, at the end I could feel nothing but love in the eye if Samantha and Carl...

I came across your interesting story via @dreemport.

I was so sure you are going to love it.. And it happened you did.. Nice... Seems what Sam was feeling all along was love for Carl but she was just so stubborn to admit it..

She had to finally admit it after the incident... What a way to admit that you love someone.. Lol

You are an excellent writer David, this is really good.
Hahahahaha, fantastic ending David! Extremely well written and composed, good reader engagement as well. On the second photo you should have just put the author's name instead of the word "Source," it looks better and puts his/her name out for even more exposure. Excellent sourcing.
This post was obtained through Dreemport .

Thanks so much for this comment and the correction too. I appreciate and would work on it.

This story is a great as usual. I have always enjoyed reading your work, you did well again with this

Check the latest @DreemPort post for the winner's announcement! Thank you SO much for entering the challenge!


I just did ma'am and I'm so happy. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Let's do this again next week.

What a great story, @davidbright. Congratulations on taking first place in the DreemPort challenge!

Thanks so much.. I'm so happy. Thanks for this opportunity. Hope to do more than this in the next challenge

Wow, Carl certainly is an unlikely hero. But now that she likes him, my lingering question is whether he will stop being so stuck-up and self-centered? Fingers crossed! :-)

Carl has no option than to stop being tough and hard if he really wants to keep her.. Except otherwise though..

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