Mission Impossible — Inkwell Writing Prompt

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It was so real that he felt the presence of the star directly opposite him while lying on his bed that night. As usual, he was led by the star to the same place — a strange island with several unrecognisable stones that glitters like the star, with the surrounding glowing grasses.

"What could be the meaning of this dream"? He pondered in his mind on waking up. "For a few days now, I have been having this dream all night… And why am I always waking up at the sight of those unrecognisable stones"? He continued. "Time has come for me to do something about this dream, its persistence makes it look like a message. I would have to speak to my father to hear what he has to say." He concludes, nodding his head in agreement with his inner thoughts.

On entering the sitting room and seeing Michael lost in his thoughts, Michael's dad asked; "My son, what is eating you up? Talk to me, what is the problem"? "Papa, it's a dream that has been tormenting me for a while now. The more I try not to pay attention to it, the more it becomes more real whenever I lay down my head to sleep." Michael responded. Tell me about the dream, son, his dad said.

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Looks like Michael was favored to bring the fortunes of the island to his people. Thanks to the star guiding him.. Nice concept

Diamonds?! I thought it was some treasure but obviously, diamonds are treasures too 😅 don't mind me.

I guess this is one of those stories that shows kids disobeying their parents but bringing fortune to the family 😅 cool one.

I enjoyed the read, thanks

Your story is based on an interesting scenario, with a dream guiding a person to seek treasure in his waking life. Thanks for sharing your story in The Ink Well, and for supporting other community members by reading and commenting on their stories.

That's really a dream come true! I would have loved to read more about the journey. I bet that would have added some nice suspense to story.

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