What Would I Rather?

I spend my twenties and early thirties working in mental health. I worked as a Community Mental Health Nurse in London and In Perth Australia. I often joke, that I done "my time" living in the city, because I know, that I will never live in one again. I loved my job in the beginning, but as time went on, I struggled with the fact, that the first line of treatment is always medication.


I saw first hand, how pharmaceutical companies market their new products and the incentives they offer doctors, to make the switch. In the end, most of the people that were under my care, were treated like guinea pigs. With their medication being changed, because of the intensive marketing being pushed and the Psychiatrists desire to be rewarded.

There is a time and a place for medication, but I really struggled with how people are treated in the Mental Health system. I loved working with the people that I looked after and to this day I do miss those interactions. But I just couldn't continue working for the health system.

I naively taught, that I could change things from the inside. But learnt that my opinion mattered very little to those who were in charge. I made pretty good money at the time, but I was constantly battling with myself and my morals.

So I decided to stop working in mental health, which also coincided with me becoming a mother. And I have never looked back. Yes my life was a lot more comfortable back then, but I was so unhappy.


My first live-in Vehicle

When I made that decision, I was already living in a Van in Australia and knew that I wanted to live nomadic life for a while. My time was then taken up with being a mum and fining more creative ways to make money.

Fast forward to the present day and I make an income in many different ways. I am very grateful for Hive in continuing to contribute with that. As well as making food, selling items that I make on the local market and also helping people out on their land. For which I usually receive payment in the form of fresh produce, which suits me well.

Because of the way I live, I don't have any huge expenses. I grow some food, and I also forage. I also trade with other people in my community in exchange for any help that I may need. My eldest will soon begin lessons in how to train dogs, in exchange for helping out on the land of the trainer.

I feel blessed to live in such a place where this way of exchange and living is encouraged. Most people I know, are happy to share their skills without the use of money. We also have our own currency here, that was set up when the plandemic happen.


I am so much happier, living a life where I get to do the things that I am passionate about. Where i get to learn new skills and also share my skills. My focus now is in acquiring the right piece of land where I can create my mushroom farm. Some thing I am hugely passionate about.

I have learnt, that when you are happy, when you are satisfied with your life, then you need less. Because you feel fulfilled. I really believe that people end up buying things, to fill the void they feel, a void that is created by their unhappiness.

We all have different paths in life, I know what makes me happy. That I find the most joy in the simple things of life, I choose to live a life that brings me joy, I don't have much money, but my life is full of riches.

This is my response to following question from this weeks Weekend Engagement Concept .........

Would you rather work in a job you totally hate but pays you well or work in a job you love and find inspiring but the pay was low and you had to strictly budget your financial matters. Explain your answers.



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I love what you say about the simple life. We tend to over complicate things these days, the fear of missing out, the way we attach our feelings of self-worth to material things...It's easy to do in a world that plays on (preys on) those attitudes.

Simplicity is wealth in its own way.


Thanks so much @becca-mac, yes simplicity is the best type of wealth xxx

That's really cool about your daughter learning to train dogs! Amazing.

You have created a life that everyone should lead . I think we would all be happier. I do hope your land dream comes true, but meanwhile have you thought of getting hold of a large refrigerated truck body to start growing mushrooms in? With a solar set up for the fans and humidifier? Then if you had to move you could just get it on a low loader or something. I know that's another expense though. .

I'm getting into growing mushrooms in the garden now! That's something else you can try if you have a cool shaded spot . .

Yes that is what I want to do, just can't have it where I am now unfortunately. So trying to figure that part out. It's so hot and dry here in the summer, I would definitely need one, unless I could find some caves.
Cool shady spots are hard to come by right now, but I will try in the Autumn, I am so hungry for it now xxxx

Oh how good would a cave be! That'd be perfect. I'm sure you'll get something sooner or later. Keep up the mushroom dream!

I loved my job in the beginning, but as time went on, I struggled with the fact, that the first line of treatment is always medication.

This is something that I feel strongly about. Of course drugs have a function in certain instances, but as a first port of call without listening the issues, talk therapy, art therapy, music therapy etc really irks me...

The very best of luck with your mushroom kingdom which will soon come to fruitition 👌

Thanks so much @ablaze xxxx