[WE] 1 on 1


The idea of comparing yourself to another gets a lot of needless hate; usually depicted as a negative thought and trait. Whereas comparing yourself to your past version is seen as a positive trait.

Comparison does come in many forms, that's how I see it at least. The most destructive kind of comparison is the one that is fueled by jealousy; envy being the fuel, and the vehicle that drives the stooge is mostly tinted with dark windows of self-deception.

However, I believe there can be a positive method and outcome when comparing yourself to another person, one that can be utilized for our self-development.


ᴵᵐᵃᵍᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵒᵛᵉʳᵃˡˡ ᶜᵒⁿᵗᵉⁿᵗ ᵃʳᵉ ᵐʸ ᵒʷⁿ ᵘⁿˡᵉˢˢ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᵐᵉⁿᵗᶦᵒⁿᵉᵈ

Yes, I do compare myself to others, there are a actually quite a few I'd say. It's usually the people I admire and respect, the people who've made an impact and are doing great in their own fields.

The comparison comes when I try to compare my way of living life to someone who's already living the "dream life" and is in a role or position where I'd like to myself one day. I ask myself, I explore to track down what they did right along their path, for which they are now worthy enough to sit in such a position; while I try to utilize them, and maybe find flaws in my methods and strategies to get there, one day. Whether it be related to work life, investments, hobbies, or just success itself, my comparison focuses on the different methods, the methods we use to approach life and to tackle its numerous hurdles.

It's all not a competition, life is not a competition. We all have our paths, and every path has it's bespoke set of hurdles. You and another may even start at the same time, hold the same views, plans and goals, but sometimes life and luck both have a say in it; so where you may end up in 5 years time, is completely unknown.

So, we should proudly acknowledge our differences and our divergent paths and experience, but just because we're different, it doesn't we can't learn from each other.

I normally compare myself to my father a lot, even though in terms of age we are countless decades apart, and have lived completely different lives; our journeys still hold some similarity. What my father has achieved in life is nothing less than incredible. Starting his work life at the age of 9 and still working for over half a century now, he still is as energetic, confident and hungry I'd say.

From losing his father at such a young age, having to carry the burdensome responsibility of taking care of his mother and 5 other siblings on his shoulders at that age. Becoming a successful businessman himself, while also making sure that his siblings are all fairly established; it all sounds like something out a of a movie. Yet, it's all true, I tell you. Luckily my grandmother was alive and well to tell us about these stories and experiences.

My only task through comparison has been to find out how he does it, how he has managed to stay so consistent in his journey so far. I know I'll never be half the man he is, but I'd like to see how high I am able to climb; as I keep observing, while also taking a few pointers from my old man.

“We come across so many hurdles that disconnects arguments and judgmental challenges. Gossip, hatred, guilt, comparison wants never end. Ultimately, you are born once you live on, it is up to you to adhere to the environment. So focus and fine tune the mindset to a positive, realistic life approach. Challenges are part of life, focus on your best way of deliverables in life, personal or professional." - Sanjay Kumar M