Weekend on fire (WEEK 139)

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Staying in an area where electricity is not promising and the little time you have to turn on a generator, you have to put up with a lot of noise, but what should I do? My phones and other devices need to charge, So if I noticed an outbreak of fire in the house, I won't hesitate to take my powerbank out of the house after everyone and the pet has successfully evacuated the house, I don't like to meddle so I won't be running a generator all the time, and I have seen a greater need to use a powerbank.

image is mine, taken with my phone

Most of the time I will use the powerbank to charge my phone at night and in the morning when I wake up my phone will be fully charged then I would not be thinking about how to go buy fuel and start a generator, but i will pick my phone up fully charged from a powerbank, so i dont want anything like fire to burn it to ashes because last time i checked the price of the powerbank in an online store, i saw the price skyrock to another level, bigger than what I buy.

The powerbank is the power saver of my phone and without it the phone won't be fun anymore, with the powerbank, I don't bother running the generator too much anymore, if I must run a generator that means, I will do it for other uses, perhaps to watch a movie or play a video game.

For me, leaving this particular device in the hands of the fire would be like throwing away all my happiness when it comes to charging the phone, so I wouldn't want it that way, I'll take it out of the fire, I know there is nothing on earth without sacrifice, the fire would be on me but I will bear the pain, only to cry once I have been able to get out with the powerbank.

But somehow I will be sad in the end, since this white color would turn to black due to the heat of the fire, that's for beauty, looks signified beauty, so i wouldn't bother about the look, but as long as the powerbank will still serve it purpose to charge phone when needed, I wouldn't have any problem with that, because it's better than losing it in a fire and not having it when I want to charge.

Thank you for reading my post, this is a weekend experience, organise by @galenkp every friday in the weekend community, to join this initiative, used this link. Thanks.


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