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These days, when I stumble upon the number two I immediately think about my hive journey. It started on the last day of June, two years ago. While I usually do not celebrate these anniversaries in a pompous style, I do like to remember this date. Staring the hive adventure is not just an ordinary date in someone's life. At least not in mine.

What a coincidence, the weekend engagement concept started also two years ago, that is what I found out in the post of @galenkp. His community helped me at the beginning to understand the importance of engagement and that it is actually not that scary to meet new people in this digital world. Although I don't find time lately to participate actively in the weekend prompts, I know that there are some great initiatives and challenges, weekend by weekend. So why not take part in this one?

You might know from my username, that I have some connection with music. With one particular instrument, the queen of the instruments, the piano! Everyone would expect that I take the question in this challenge about writing about two songs...or two compositions. However, I have to disappoint you with this. I wanted to share with you what are the two body parts that are attractive to me. If I would attempt to break a little bit of the rules, would it be another disappointment? Not particularly to say what are the body parts that are attractive to me but those that are essential to me.

The combination of mind and heart, for anything we do in our lives, is fundamental. To think, speak, react, interact, work or play an instrument. The mind controls and the heart gives the needed passion to never give up. We couldn't do anything without them. Although, the two visible and very important parts of my body and other pianists' too are hands and ears.


If you sometimes check my videos (although lately, it is a rare occurrence that I record myself playing the piano and publish) you will see my hands. The fingers that are dancing there on the keys, taking out sound from them. From the piano. My wrists are also helping in that process, and the arms and shoulders too. Not to forget the back and my whole body that serves as support. But hands are in the foreground. If we would make a survey about what is the most important body part of a pianist, I am sure the result would be hands. That is obvious.

However, what is not that obvious is that in the process of playing the piano we have to use our ears. My teacher used to say to me: play with your ears. Sounds crazy, right? How would I play with my ears? It would be a silly statement from my piano teacher, but what she really thought with her advice is that we should listen to ourselves while we play. I am not sure if I have ever explained, but we shape the musical phrases and sounds with our hearing. Not just with the fingers. The hands just obey my mind, which is guided by my ears. Sounds complicated? Well, it is very similar to the process when we talk, but talking is already more of an automatized process. When you talk, you don't actively criticise yourself at the same time on how your voice should sound and how you should pronounce the words. On the other side, I do it while I play the piano.

I can prove how important are the ears in this process of playing the piano. More important than the eyes (they are needed too, but I trained myself not to rely just on my eyes). On my Sunday morning gigs, I started to do a silly game. I put my sunglasses close to the keys, and when I am bored I look at the reflection of the glasses while I play instead of my fingers. I see my fingers but in reverse. And guess what. I can play the songs without any problem, as I am guided by my ears and not by my eyes.


I remembered to take a photo this morning, but obviously, I couldn't make a photo at the same time while I am playing. We see here just the keys, but you can get the idea of what I see.

Not to forget my hands and highlight once again what and how they are doing while I make music, I recorded a composition this afternoon. The title of it is Agitato, a piece of quick pace, which requires my fingers to be awake and dance there pretty quickly. The composer is Friedrich Burgmüller, who was a German pianist and composer from the Romantic era.

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I need to come for some lessons regarding Piano. That's a great advise to play with your ears. It's about letting your ears pick out the tunes and however good it sounds to your ear, you will's about letting your hands or fingers guide you. I like that...

Giving piano lessons is also what I do, not just playing the piano :))

Playing with the ears is indeed a good tip, not just a tip but essential if we want to shape well the sound. It is not the same play with attention and just play :)

Thank you for checking out @olawalium 🎶

I absolutely agree and I am more than happy to be here. 🥰😍

I have seen a video of just your hands dancing and moving on the was so beautiful and it made the sounds you created so amazing to watch..I have to agree that your hands are Magical

Hehehe, thanks :)
Magical or not, they work somehow, helped by my ears :D

Very true🙃

Change your first tag as per the guidelines and you're good to go. ✅

Hey Galennkp :)

Thanks for the initiative and for the request to change the tag. Do you mean #weekend-engagement? That is what I wrote, but as I uploaded it through 3speak (because of the vid), the dash disappeared somehow? Edited now, so we will see if with success or not :D

Cool, yeah that's what I meant. I see it's edited. 😊

Yes, thanks for noticing it and letting me know 😇


Even though my fingers have never been on the piano keys until now, I love listening to this instrument. I really enjoyed listening to it. You performed the music very well again @mipiano 👏👏👏👏👏

Hi there @okayozdemiroglu

The same happens to me, with your musical instrument. I have never played a baglama, but it sounds very interesting! And I would say that you also agree that hands and ears are essential in making music, in baglama too :))

Thanks for stopping by 🎶

As you definitely mentioned, hands and ears are one of our most important organs when playing an instrument. But the most important of all is to feel the music. If we can feel the beauty of the music heard by our ears and come alive in our minds and add a piece of ourselves to it, we can give life to it with our fingers. If we can feel the music while doing this, we will do the right thing, and it gives us great pleasure to watch and listen to our own reflections.😊

This is an excellent explanation how this whole process of playing an instrument goes! 🙌🎶

Greetings my friend! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

Your piano playing is simply sublime, this piece requires speed and you do it not only with great dexterity but also with great elegance.

Your ear and your hands are blessed and make you a great pianist, respected and admired by me and by many, without a doubt.

Yes, the Sunday is going well, thank you Rosana. Hope your weekend is also full of happy feelings :)

And for your so kind words 😊
I am glad you could capture the moment and see there elegance! Well, this piece can not be played in a different way, even if I would like to :D

Good evening @mipiano 😁👋🏻
Hope you had a lovely weekend ☀️
Beautiful… it’s great to see you play with your hands. No need for more 😉 it’s the music that counts 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

Good evening little girl :))

Yes, the weekend was great, can't be better actually!

Thanks for watching, I am glad you liked 🎶 and I hope it will help you to sleep well 😇

That’s great to hear. Mine was nice too 😁
You are welcome 😉 maybe it will… still wide awake though hahaha 🤣
But I have to get up early. Hubby is going on a business trip for the week to Krakow. So I don’t want to make it too late.

time travelling I am right now hahhah

Ok, I knew your husband arrived from the business trip, now I know when he went and where he was 😂

good evening @littlebee4 😇

Hahaha you are sure time traveling… and finding all the little clues I have hidden hahaha 🤣😂😎🤓
So funny!

Good evening @mipiano 👋🏻☀️😁 hope you had a nice Saturday even though you had lots to do.

and finding all the little clues I have hidden hahaha 🤣😂😎🤓

exactly 😂

love to do this finding out thing hahaha, but yeah, I guess sometimes I am so late for the party 😂😂

No worries… we can only do so much 😁
Enjoy catching up and your evening. Don’t make it tooooo late hahaha 🤣

Night night 👋🏻🥱😴 think I manage half an hour more. I haven’t slept last night. To warm in the house. So am exhausted now.

Blown away, absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your music with us. Gosh I wish I had continued to play.

Thanks @andrastia

So you played the piano too? :))

Uhmm I actually wouldn't call it "playing". I was learning to when I was in school. It was always a dream to be able to play well and I was a dedicated student. Unfortunately when I changed schools, my new teacher wasn't a very nice man and if you made a mistake he would either scream at you or he would wrack you on the knuckles which was just dumb. That was the end of my piano playing 😭

There are some piano pieces that when I listen to them, they just have me in rapture, that's why I really enjoyed yours. Gave me goosebumps. Food for the soul.

Teachers play a huge role in every student's musical journey... inspiration and all the knowledge depend on them.
Many times happen that students just quit because the teacher was not adequate. I am sorry you experienced this.

But, you to know, it is never late to start again :)) 🎶

Listen with the ears! That is how we should do it. Make and feel versus look and do.

I love the easy which you play with and make it look so easy. (summers are not for piano for me for some reason?)

Did I miss out to respond to this comment??

Oh my, seems that yes, I am sorry @karinxxl

Thanks for your observation, the best things indeed have to look easy :)

Summer, too warm for practising maybe? I do play through the whole year, regardless of the season 🎶🎶

I too will have two years on here by next month


Happy hive anniversary then, in advance ;)))

Btw I love your music posts

thanks 😇🎶

I hope they will continue coming in :D

ps just wanted to publish something a few hours ago and the video got stuck in 3speak while encoding 🤦‍♀️
I guess it will never appear...
or it will be published in some time I don't expect it anymore and I forgot about the existence of the same 😂

Oh yeah I've encountered the same problem too before

In the end, it was published 🎶🎶

Yup I think the process depends on your computer ram, but that's a theory

What a coincidence though. Yesterday when I returned from church, I tried remembering the options of the challenge, though I already chose another but I said if I am to choose the two special parts of my body, it would be my hands and eyes, not ears 😁😁 but I can see how the ears are very important alongside the hands to a pianist and keyboardist.

"Play with your ears" I love this.

Happy two years anniversary in advance on Hive - June 30 😎😇😇😇

Yes, it will be on June 30 :))) Thanks

Eyes are important too, and if I would go with a different concept, what I like about my body, I think I would choose eyes. And nothing else 😂 maybe hair also.

I just saw your post, so you went with the two songs 👌

Yes, I love my eyes and hairs too 😎😎

Those two songs are just too amazing for me. Thank you for visiting 😍

What I love the most about this post and it might be hard to understand is the whole journey of your speech in posts. It has gotten way better than it was 2 years ago. And it is a delight to read. I say the most because you know how o get with watching those fluttering fingers dance over the keyboard with all their elegance and poise. The explanation was on point. Hearing is certainly the top skill any musician needs to play good.

It's been a while since I've seen you play, but to quote a cliché from a movie, you're as lovely as I remember. Happy Hive anniversary. I can say without a doubt you make this digital space even better than it is already.

Thank you @bertrayo for all written in your comment and I am really sorry for this late response.

Yes, hearing is indeed one of the top skills we musicians can not live without 😇

Life of a busy musician is not free of time. Even when one can keep count well, @mipiano (bad joke but still...)


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