My Kind Of Weekend with some Art (WE 127)

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13th November 2022

It was four months ago since we last hiked a mountain. When summer arrived, we decided to stop hiking because it was too hot, especially on top of the mountains, which is prone to heat stroke. Now that autumn has arrived, I long to return to the trails, but my travel companion and other friends are always working, even on holidays. This left me with no choice but to wander by myself, wishing that one day I could return to hiking.

This morning, I was holding a marker and pondering what to make for the ongoing Weekend Experience Concept. I remembered our last hike on Kam Sui Shek Teng, I saw a beach at the bottom of the opposite side of the mountain, and I wished to visit it after that hike. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it until now for some reason.

So I decided to make it a reality this weekend. As you read on, you'll discover how. This is something I really want to do one of these days.

I packed my belongings and prepared to return to Sai Kung, where the mountain and beach are located. I was alone, but I was determined to hike again because I missed the trails. Fortunately, there are always hikers on Sundays, so hiking a mountain alone is not dangerous. This time, I'd aim for Sai Wan beach at the mountain's base rather than the peak.

I began my journey in Sai Kung, where I had to take a bus to Sai Wan Village. After half an hour, I arrived at the trailhead and began my journey without hesitation. Alone but not lonely

Seeing myself alone on the trail makes me miss my travel companion. If I had someone to talk to while hiking, it would have been more enjoyable. But this is preferable than be bored in my room all day.

I used a marker here but after randomly drawing it, I found it too ugly and I planned to redraw it. Yet, I became lazy and so I just colored it, added some green paint, and then continued drawing the rest

The trail to the beach begins at an intersection that leads in three directions: to the reservoir on the right, to the waterfalls on the left, and Sai Wan beach in the straight direction, which takes another half hour or so to reach the bottom of the mountain.

I can see the beach at the bottom from the top of the hill. The more I look at it, the more excited I get. I've planned some activities for myself at the beach, including some *"me time." I didn't bring any gadgets or online interactions, but I did bring some books to read and entertain myself.

I used a pencil this time so I could make my drawing better

I walk on while listening to music on my phone. On occasion, I would pause to photograph the scenic view. Every shot reminded me of my friend, who is an expert photographer. Hiking alone isn't boring because the scenic views make me feel like I'm not alone and that I'm at home. I adore nature and long to be immersed in it.

To get to the beach faster, I jog down the sloping trail to the bottom of the mountain. It's a secluded beach and a hidden paradise that few people know about. As a result, a limited number of visitors can enjoy the beach exclusively.

A cool breeze greeted me, as did the soothing sounds of the waves, white grains, and a few visitors going about their business. I laid my mat on the sand and put on my belongings before going to the restroom and changing my clothes. People are respectful and wouldn't care about other people's belongings, so leaving things unattended isn't an issue.

I chose to buy a refreshment from a small store nearby. I pour myself a glass of watermelon juice and gather my books and music for a relaxing weekend.


After four months of anticipation, I was finally able to visit this hidden paradise. My day was spent listening to music, reading books, and sunbathing. Later, I chose to soak my body in the water with other Filipina visitors.

Alone, but not lonely. My weekend ended great and I'm looking forward to visiting the waterfalls near the area in my next journey.

That concludes my weekend experience. Three art in one day, not bad and I kind've missed it. It's been a while since I draw one. So thanks to @galenkp for adding this concept this time.


The concept I chose for this Weekend Engagement was:


The drawings above were inspired by these two photos taken during our last hike to the said mountain. The lady lying on the sand is just a random one and that's exactly what I want to make someday, to take a break from online grinding.

That's all for today. See you at the next Weekend's Engagement.
Happy weekend 😊.

(All photos are mine)



Oh wow! This is amazing sis! I !LUV your artwork :) And how cool that kind of weekend is!

Thanks !LADY at sa tweet 😊

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Galing niyo naman po. Sadyang nakakamiss naman talaga mag hike matagal nadin ako di nakakapaghike ulit din. Ingat nalang po sa next adventure niyo po.

Galing sis ako tlaga wala talent Sa pag drawing ehh pero yung anak ko panganay magaling sis

Supurtahan mo yan ..mganda idevelop ang talent

Yes naman po sis I'm her number one fan po 😍😍

My gosh! I didn't know you had exemplary drawing skills as well ate Jane. I loved the colors and your scene choice. Having this kind of weekend is truly a good thing for our health because our mind is refreshing and regaining energy that was lost in the previous days. !PIZZA

Thanks... a talent I don't pursue haha.. Minsan lang magamit.


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Whoa, ang galing madam UwU, love the second art. So even if walang picture basta may ganito, oks na oks na UwU. Galing.

Haha.. Idrawing n lang imbes na picturan haha..

Wow galing din pala magdrawing.. ewan ko kung saan kami nung umulan ng talents 😅...

Wow... You sure out on adventures and I feel like I am there with you 😉
I Loove your drawings so Colorful and I can see it before me in RL.
You sure are a woman of many talents Sister. I also have to say that I don’t find that first drawing ugly AT ALL.

I wish I had drawing skills, I did some when I was younger but now 🙈 OMG
I didn't get my moms artistic side.

Loved this. Happy sunday 💞
Much love 🤗


Thank you. I guess I got it from my father hehe

If at first you don't succeed...
... sky diving is not for you!

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The drawing and the illustration made everything real. The cap and the backpack is so you Miss Jane. I love it! Happy weekend!

Hehe. Exactly me .hehe

Versatile talaga naman oh, now you were an artist for the day hehe. Hiking and adventure that what I really I knew about you eh, from the beginning uwu, such a high per energy.

Thanks. Minsan lang yan haha

Fantastic artwork!!! I knew you would be handy with a pack of crayons!

I don't have crayons😂

Maybe you can get some for Christmas 🌲⛄ 😅

Artistic Janey Jane Jane!

You are really talented geez!, I wish I could draw but we are all gifted differently and yours is superb,

Keep it up👍

This is so cool!

I keep coming across drawn works here that I get more inspired to get my kit. I hope to have a stable hand like yours after a long while not drawing or painting.

Thank you.. I seldom draw.. only when I want to hehe

People are respectful and wouldn't care about other people's belongings, so leaving things unattended isn't an issue.

Like.... This is a good thing over there. You can't try it here, especially some places you aren't familiar with. You have to guard everything you bring along, else someone else who needs it would appreciate taking it 😅😅😅

You really are a good artist and I love those drawings. Indeed, you had a wonderful time alone 🥳

I like it! Nice art and pictures as well! I must come to visit Philippines! They seem amazing!

It's in Hong Kong 😊

I love the drawings, and it looks like you had a great weekend even if you didn't go on a hike ;) Like this could be my kind of weekend too :)

Kind've.. My weekend was spent drawing haha

Cool artwork.
Came in via @dreemport

Aww, amazing! I so love the blend of colors. artist ka pala sis. Saw this from Dreemport.

What a lovely escape to the beach - loved your pencil drawings too! I admire you for getting up and just getting going solo - no need to be confined to home just because others are not available. I think you met the weekend engagement prompt and requirements perfectly 🙌🤗 It's really great that there is so much trust there - I wouldn't leave my things unattended on a beach !LOLZ !PIZZA !ALIVE

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It is fine here.. No one will care haha

OH MY GOSH - you're an artist!!!!!!!!!!! I'm amazed - I can't believe how amazing that came out! hehehehee

look at how talented you are - with your secret talents!!! hehehe

nicely done!!

Occasionally hahs.. Thanks !LADY

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