Good food and good laugh with FRIENDS

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Yesterday's activity was great! Meeting with HIVE friends and had so much fun. It's been five months since we moved and I still feel that City lights is always our home. Well, that place was our first home in Cebu and we stayed there for three years and made a lot of good friends,lot of good impressions, dramas and more. Hahaha

We had our lunch get together yesterday and talked about Hive and the upcoming events to be taken place soon. While Gillaine, Rica and Gerel were quite busy discussing some details about the events. Me, Cynthia,JL and Sasha was also busy entertaining ourselves. JL brought his make up with him and tadaaaa. We tried it on. I was so amazed how talented this gal here!



MEET THE GLAM TEAM 💖 Hahaha 😹 I am so blessed to have these genuine and amazing humans around. Everything was pure fun.


I'm very happy with the result. He nailed it and I'm so in love with this look. Cynthia was extremely happy about her make up too plus her hair curls.

To our Dear @cheerupwithjl . You're incredibly talented 😍 And we're so grateful for you, for making us extra pretty yesterday.


And the day ended up with happy memorable moments shared with beautiful people with lots of good food.

Thank you ladies on Hive from TEAM @hivecebu with @purepinay @gerel @sassycebuana @explorewithsasha @hiraya and @cheerupwithjl for an amazing Saturday well spent.


SUNDAY . . .

And today was a slowly Sunday . We woke up pretty late and had some quick breakfast. If I said quick. It's normally oatmeal with milk topped with some dried berries, raisins and fruits.. Quick in a way that I only need to put it in the microwave and heat it up for some minutes. That is how quick, slow and lazy breakfast looks like. 😹



While having breakfast. We saw this bird sitting on the rails outside our balcony. We called Jeepjeep and Neyney to check on it. But, they seem not interested. They woke up quite early today super tired and not happy at all. Sometimes, they are so moody.😹


And we think that this bird is the one responsible of eating our tomatoes. 😹Well, We can't blame her or him. We mostly harvest one or two tomatoes everyday.

After a slow morning, we took a swim.🤽🏽‍♂️ The pandemic literally changes everything. Going for a swim needs to be booked ahead of time. We are lucky we got our slot.


Then walking around. Checking the flowers 🌼 I really love walking around when the sun is not that bright and strong. Our place is like a botanical garden full of these beautiful big trees, big ferns, a lot of plants around. As you walked around you can hear different birds singing. Especially when it's raining. I think the whole frog community have their own choir moment. Purely frog voices. Hahhaaha


This flower is called ROSAL. My grandmother used to have this around their house. It's smell so good like a perfume and love it coz it's white. And sometimes it turns to yellowish when it's almost finished.


Hibiscus or gumamela. I was pretty impressed about this flower. Since, we moved here. It never stopped flowering. I've never seen a white gumamela before.

And this one is one of my fave too.


I didn't know the name of this flower. It's tree plants were having a lot of bloom. The smell of this flower reminds me of the Gucci Bloom perfume. It has exactly the same scent.

Isn't it beautiful?

I hope you had a great weekend 🌼🐦🤍


Looks like a wonderful fun time with your friends. 🎉Everyone looks lovely.💞

In defence of the bird, it may not be him. I have a few tomatoes planted by the deck and the birds…or the rascal raccoon never bother them.

Hi @redheadpei Thank you so much! Really appreciate for you time always.

It probably the two of them. I hope you can harvest more of your tomatoes. untitled.gif


Mao dy gikabisyhan, a day well spent man sd dy. Nindot kaayo tan.awon ang pool mura syag swimming pool nga nay water. Sorry, ignorant ko ani. hehehe

Sayang ang birds ba, gkikitan na unta tos imong meowk. hehehe

Nyahahhaa! Meoowwwkkk hoyyyyy harsh. Hahaha nahadloj Silas langgam.


hadlok silag karwaason?rewwwrrrr..hhahaha

Looks like you all had a wonderful time keep up the good work my friend 🤝 I hope that you enjoy you're day today and the rest of the week ahead 👍🏾

Thank you my friend @kgakakillerg..

No worries my friend it's my pleasure 🤝 I hope that you have a wonderful day today

Happy to see all this :) and there was also one small bird who tried to look through the window and hear what is the HIVE :)) .... But happy to see you post more, not stop and make more soon :)

Hi @foxkoit Thank you! 🤍🤍🤍

you're welcome :)

Hahahhaa. Di me... Nyahahhaa. Sunod uban na. untitled.gif

Glad that you guys really had fun! 🤍

Good food with good people, Kalingawa ba, nag abut ang mga bangiitan sa hive... wetwew!!!

Wetttttwwweee. Nyhahaa. Bang gi itan gyud. Sila Ra. Wa KO Apil.


Char char rako didto Kay naay food. Nyahhahaa. You should join us next time ba. Then, we meet you in person. Puhon puhon 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Puhon-puhon hahaha kon dili mga buta ahahaha, bitaw puhon

Di pa lagi ta ma buta LOL..Bitaw, PUHON

The bird is looking for free food. Nice white hibiscus is quite rare to see.

She definitely was. But, we have some food on the balcony floor. We think the other birds ate all of it. Thank you for stopping by @ace108 untitled.gif

OmG! ganda ng photosssss. Thankyou Miesel for always entertaining us. haha loveyah 😘❤️

Hahahaha. Thanks @gerel! labyouuuutoooo.


welcome @itsmiessyonpeakd 😘 see you soon.

Sana all took a swim ;) hahaha next time napud anha nya ta sa inyo bah.. :) ahahaha dba @explorewithsasha ?

Haha yessss, ipakita ang mga abs biii. Hahaha

Nyahhahaa @sassycebuana Puhon, puhon pag okay na ang management mag pa visit. Tsaroottt hahhaha. Bitaw puhon puhon Ric's 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

@explorewithsasha Wohoooooo. Yes, ipakita gyyd. Sayang sige tag kaon unya dili ta mag pakita. Hahhaaauntitled.gif

Hahahah AB rani akua hahah

Hahahaah kanin na lang ang kulang 😂😂😂

Waaah ka niceeeee oi soooo good food and sooooo amazing and powerful kaayo ang mga naas photos hands up! 🙌🙌🙌👏😍❤️💕😘😘😘😘😘Regards kos tanan 💞💞💞seeee you sooooon nya😚untitled.gif

Ahahaha yess yessss sa next na meetup, puhon2, dapat attendance checkkkk nako😅😘😘😘💕💕💕

Meshereeeep ang oatmeal 😁

Oatmeal Kay wala me bugas 🤫😏untitled.gif

Hahahaha chesssmesss!!!
Mag blog madaghan para naay bugas bi awwe hahaah

Lagi, mag seryoso nako ani Kay para Maka palit tag bugas ani puhon hahhaa. untitled.gif

Hahaha kanang ganador jud ba hahah

Lami bitaw na na. Sticky kaaayo. Gosh. untitled.gif

Hahahaah I know right, humot pajud

Hola. Me alegro mucho que la hayas pasado muy bien y que hayas disfrutado la salida y el encuentro con tus amigos, gracias por compartir tus fotografías y me gustaron mucho. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. I am very happy that you had a great time and that you enjoyed the outing and the meeting with your friends, thank you for sharing your photos and I really liked them. A hug from Colombia.

Hola @juancho10 Thank you so much for the unending support and ALWAYS having your time checking my blogs.

No es nada, me gusta visitar tu Blog siempre encuentro buenas historias, también te doy gracias por el apoyo que brindas a mis publicaciones es de gran valor para mí. Saludos y muchas bendiciones para ti y los tuyos.

It's nothing, I like to visit your Blog I always find good stories, I also thank you for the support you provide to my publications, it is of great value to me. Greetings and many blessings for you and yours.

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You're welcome @itsmiessyonpeakd, keep going like this! 😊🌹

Definitely will! Thank you @hivebuzz 🤗🤗🤗😁😁😁

You all had a blast last weekend 👍

Glad to see you all even meet up in real life. Not only in HIVE

We did! Thank you @rosmadirazali 🤍🤍🤍untitled.gif

Hello @marysdairy ! How are you?

Thank you.. Sending our hugs from here! untitled.gif