Work and fun ~ Weekend experience!

Hello everyone !
My college has announced a new fashion show which will be a grand one and it is based on recycling of old unused clothes.
We all have those clothes in our wardrobe which we don’t wear and they lay for a long time , it’s finally time to make them in use .

I am so excited about this project as this will help in reducing wastage in fashion industry and people can recycle, reconstruct their old garments into a new fashion garment.

It not only helps our environment but also helps us in cutting down our new costs on garmenting .

What do you think ?

I spent my whole Saturday and half Sunday on completing the ideation and the sketches .

Below are some of them .
What ill be using in reconstruction:
Old pair of jeans
•Black , Grey
Old bedcover
Unused jacket

After completing this whole lot of sketching , I went to enjoy my sunday and had some delicious foods.

After work , I spent some quality time with my dear ones and my favourite foods.

How was your weekend?
I would love to know about your weekend experiences .

All the content is mine unless otherwise stated.
All the images are from my IPhone unless otherwise stated .

Thank you for reading till the end, I hope you enjoyed reading!

I am always and always grateful to you guys!


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How cool I love working with recyclable materials. May you have a lot of success in this project. All the sketches look great.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I'm at home alone working, it's time to go for a walk hahaha.


Nice Deisings great job when will you make them into real clothing line. I like the one with the fringes

Even i like that more , let’s wait for the outcome

Old fashions were classic and this is really Great to see college came up with this plan. Those are some finest design.

Weekend is gone hehe, it was fun! Hope you too had enjoyed it. Wish you a Great week ahead.

Yes it was fun !

Hi I love second chances. It's wonderful to give new life to clothing items. The sketches are spectacular, congratulations.

I liked the first model