Weekend Experience- FOOD & FUN!

Weekends are fun when you get to have a lot of tasty food ! Isn’t it?
Read the blog at your own risk as this may create cravings for deserts and fast foods . (Haha)
So basically, I have been to this place before , many a times( around 4-5 times)
This restaurant is one of my favourite places to have food. Due to the traditional touch in its interior and of course the tasty food, customers are highly attracted.

The Interior
The interior was quite aesthetic as I mentioned last time when I wrote the blog on it , the new changes that the restaurant has is just beautiful

So, the place is quite traditional India , with lot of pots , elephants , motif figures, paintings and the touch of Gold color.

Here are some images of the same.

The pop of color’s and the perfect painting that the wall compliments is really attractive.

The pots , one above the other is also one special element .

And of course, the beautiful sub section of the restaurant looks the best.

Despite me promising myself not to intake more calories this week , I ended up consuming a lot of calories because these deserts are so attractive and the taste they carry is one which is needed every tastebuds

Moving ahead ,
First we were like 7 persons so we did order sufficient food .
Starting with the soup !
The soup is named khousie , its an mexican soup with coconut milk and some noodles

Peri peri fries were also spicy and yum !

This dish is like a Thai inspired dish with Indian elements such as papad.

For desert we ordered !
A blue lagoon Mojito

This was a truffle shake, I dint drink this as i ordered Kit Kat skake for me.

Here is the kit kat shake ! This was overloaded with a lot of chocolate and whipped Topping.

Finally , Brownie with ice-cream is my all time favourite.

I enjoyed eating!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog.
Also I think now you would crave more seeing these delicious food .

All the content is mine unless otherwise stated.
All the images are from my IPhone unless otherwise stated .
Thank you for reading till the end, I hope you enjoyed reading
Thank you for all the love and support.I am always and always grateful to you guys!


WOW! Amazing post as always brother!

Ah! the Ice-cream... now I am hungry again!

Thank you !
Told you already that this post will make you hungry.

That looks like the perfect place for me. I'm not familiar with the local cuisine, but judging from the photos, the food looks great and i love the decoration a lot.

The food was yum , I am sure you will enjoy a lot !

I love your post. I really do.