Friends for life.


I have been longing for a moment with some people in my life, it's been a while since we spent time together like we use to do back then. We were tight buddies, and we still are but we now stay in different states which makes seeing each other quite difficult.

We usually communicate on WhatsApp through video calls but the feeling is not like having physical interaction, the situation of the country isn't helping us at all because the need for survival and embracing a new life is what's keeping us apart. If things were easier, we will definitely hang out, and have fun from time to time.
These three people are my childhood friends, in reality, life for us then was fun, and little did we know that we will have to stay far from each other.


Their names are Damilola, Idris, and Olaide. We grew up together but we had to live far apart for different reasons, I am the only one who hasn't left Lagos. Damilola works as an interior decorator in Abuja, Idris is in Ibadan while Olaide got married. We were at the wedding but time wasn't enough to interact like we usually do.

I doubt if we would need Pizza because Olaide was a good cook then, her mom sold beans then and she usually make the stew. She learned catering and can make different kinds of dishes, I am sure she would want to impress us with her skills by making great meals all through the weekend.

She doesn't play games but she is a big fan of Kdrama so we can as well watch with her if we find the story interesting. She got into a lot of troubles hanging out with us then, she behave like the boys and her mom usually beat for but she wouldn’t listen.

The boys will definitely go for PES on PlayStation, we have always rivaled since when we were younger, and we still brag about how much we have improved since we last played. I was the champion then but I don’t play often anymore like other and I think I might struggle with them but they don’t have any idea about me leaving the game for a while.

It's been over four years if I am not mistaken and reuniting would be great, we are working towards this and I hope we can get it done by the end of the year. It would be difficult for Olaide because of her marital status and we will miss all the silly jokes she makes with us.

Writing this makes me miss them more and I will send this to them so they can know how much I miss them. It will be fun, we can play, chat and laugh at the experience we had together as kids.

It is my first weekend here and I hope my entry meets the standards of the community.