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Many of us love to write in @leofinance community and that is something that we simply love guys because we simply love this community because we love finance or cryptocurrencies and that is why we have been thinking of making a delegation system for LEO Token guys, when you have these tokens in staking then you can consider delegating them to psyberx. leo if you want to get good returns and that is something you should consider if you want to have a good APR you will be getting big and juicy upvotes in favor of the healing account exclusively for the LEO Token lovers.

From my point of view this can be the best investment for @leofinance community lovers guys because we can simply make this a long term success I must mention that the LEO token is very stable and that really catches my attention guys.


Why do I think we are the best investment in LEO Token?

There are simply many proxy systems for LEO Token but most of these systems don't offer proxy upvotes and I think you can have a better APR with us and support the project, I would like to mention that soon we will have the @psyberx game ready for sale guys and that's a great thing.

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@dynamicrypto, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of
LOLZ staking coming August 14! Please read our latest update for details on how it will impact you.

LEO is one powerful token and all the applications that can be used with it from DeFi, curation, rewards and more. I think one of the most powerful things could be LeoThreads when it expands into it's own platform via Project Blank. Would be one heck of a powerful want to spread awareness.