Why Do People Get Vaccinated?

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Why do people get vaccinated?

This is a question I have pondered on for quite some years. Because if the information of what is contained within these injections, was common knowledge, would they make the same decision! I do believe that most people would have gotten vaccinated for what they believe are health reasons. Mostly because they have been advised to by health professionals and they were concerned about catching certain illnesses. That was how it was in the past no? That people made their own minds up, that they were actually allowed to.


There was no coercion, no blackmail involved, no threatening to take away your freedoms or rights. It was your choice, of course it should of been informed, but unfortunately that seems unlikely as most people are super trusting of their doctors and would never question what was actually in the substance being injected into their bodies. Unaware that pharmaceutical companies, need you unwell, so that they can benefit!

But still, at least it was a choice you had or at least one you felt you could make with any real repercussions.

Today, today we are living through medical apartheid. With the government and media blaming those who refused to be injected, as the reason why the injection is not working for those who did. ( quite a mouthful there.) Which of course makes no sense at all, either the injections work or they don't, simple as. It's almost comical, how they are desperately trying to justify their actions.

So why get injected, if nothing changes and indeed more and more people are falling ill and the death rate is rising. The answer I have been told and which I continue to hear, is so that people can continue to work, to travel, so that they can maintain their freedom. But hat about the freedoms they have given away, in order to do that!


The amount of manipulation, that is happening right now, is on such a huge scale, with many people feeling like the are being backed into a corner, believing that being injected, is only way out for them. I certainly don't want to tell anyone what to do, at the end of the day it is their body, their choice.

But what about when they believe, that they have no choice. Because they risk losing their livelihood, their only source of income.

Most people do not even realize that a mandate, is not law, it is merely a recommendation, a suggestion. Being informed and empowered is what is needed right now. If everyone refused, if everyone just stopped working just for s day, then what would happen? Each country would come to a stand still. But as we have seen, this is not going to happen. Not now anyway.

There are many people who are experiencing pretty full on adverse reactions. (Check out all the professional Athlete's that are collapsing in the middle of games, which I believe is because they are so active the actually injection is moving through the body at a greater speed). In the past a 'vaccination', like this one, with so many reactions/side effects, would have been withdrawn by now, but not this experimental injection.

Instead we see the media and government, apply even more pressure on the public, to take it and even go so far as to say, they will make life really difficult for those who choose not too, that they will piss them off even ( direct nod to France and Macron there for this last comment, I mean how desperate are they becoming).


The UK Medicine Regulator has confirmed that over a period of twelve months the Covid-19 Vaccines have caused five times more deaths than the total number of deaths due to all other available vaccines combined in the past 21 years.

since the Pfizer injection was rolled out in December 2020 there have been 684 reported deaths as of 5th Jan 22, meaning that in just 12 months , this “vaccine” alone outnumbers the deaths due to all other vaccines combined in the past 20 years.

However, the AstraZeneca viral vector injection has fared much worse with 1,182 deaths being reported to the MHRA since January 2020, nearly three times as many deaths as what have been reported due to all other vaccines in the past 20 years.

Source For The Above

If anything, I really would like to see more and more people begin to make informed decisions and not just decisions made out of fear and coercion. Because right now, these decisions are effecting the children, who are now dying as a result of the experimental injection, instead of the 'virus', which they are told they are being protected against.


All of the meme's I have used are from Telegram Freedom Groups.







But still, at least it was a choice you had or at least one you felt you could make with any real repercussions.

I still have this choice, because I am not vaccinated. And I will not take this experimental vaccine in the future either.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

I am with you, I still have that choice too and will always choose not too, just trying to understand how it is for others who feel they have none xxx

The media came up with a new term to explain adverse reactions, the "Nocebo Effect", I kid you not, an inverse placebo, that's the reason they gave...

Its feckin crazy Ed, what they are getting away with xxx

They've also tried to make a case that children and athletes have always been having heart attacks, and that stress from the lockdowns are causing them, and climate change.

It's like they're trolling for idiots.

Yeah we noticed that straight up in our google alerts, and articles that are "suggested"...

that stress from the lockdowns are causing them, and climate change.

We also saw that shit, ridiculous. Post Covid stress hahaha wtf.

I also agree they are trolling us, it's all the divide and conquer, very useful to control the masses.

Greetings from Austria!
Because here you will soon have to get vaccinated because the government is making it law. Mandatory.

So many people including myself will have no joice any longer, because they do not have the financial background and the nerve to go through lengthy legal disputes and possible penalties

Mandatory is not law though, even though the government wants you to believe it is. There is still a choice, although it is a tough one for some to make. I do know people who have left Austria for that very reason. I wish you all the best @beeber x

Freedom isn't free, and if people are unwilling to pay the price for their freedom they will not have it. I cannot tell you what to do, but I will not be moving to Austria to take advantage of their advanced tyranny technology being implemented.

IMHO, Austria is no longer habitable because of the noxious tyranny being imposed, and there should no longer be habitants there because of it. There should only be combatants.

I wish I had better words I could share with you in this regard.

An excellent discussion this.

I will come at it from another angle....people have decided to take this poison shot simply because they've been programmed to. Now I was born in England but have roots in beautiful Hong Kong. I have been keeping tabs with what's happening in Asia, especially my home-city, and i can tell you for a fact that this programming is very apparent and seamless, ingrained into the DNA of my peoples.

At the stroke of a pen, a flick of a switch, an expression of tone, the masses will comply simply because it seems natural to them. They do not want to think, they do not want the internal conflict as it is too much for them and deep down they know this...they would rather slog along in the muck. They know something's wrong but cba to face it as they have more "pressing matters".

I see this too in England. This is called "glossing over". The majority of people have been infected with this glossing-syndrome. To wake them up? It's past that time now, we can only defend and protect ourselves.

You won't find many here on the hive blockchain who understand the system nor that it is run by Corporations who cannot mandate any law; Corporations running in the fictional realm of commerce applying only to legal fictions via admiralty-maritime "law". On my odysee channel i focus on this subject, but here on my hive account...i don't talk about it much. The community here are not so awoken.

I hope wherever you are, you find a way out. If I can help you in anyway, let me know. Just give me pizza.

Everyone at my work has been jabbed and nose raped. When I talk to them about how this thing is bullshit, they don't say much but act like they agree with me. They do think it's wrong that I'm not allowed into several large chain stores like Walmart, Gostco etc...not that I go there anyway but now I'm not allowed. My managers husband is stuck in France. He got a test saying he's positive. He is fully jabbed. He's not allowed to get on the plane. He says he feels fine and normal. Nobody seems to clue in.

"Take this vaccine and close your business, so you can stop someone else from feeling normal with a positive result."

No one seems to care that the inventor of the test said that it doesn't work, it creates false positives and it's being used to destroy humanity. Of course he died after he came forward. You won't hear that on CNN.

This I found interesting

Hey @carolynstahl, it's always so good to hear from you. Yeah it's really mind blowing how so many just don't want to see what is happening, just keep sticking their heads in the sand, even with so much info now out there.
These are crazy times for sure, but also very enlightening as well.
Sending you love xxxx and thanks for the documentary I will look at it xxx

Nose raped. Disgusting, but that is an absurdly funny term. TY for the chuckle,
@carolynstahl. I'm with ya...need to keep building our own everything, inspiring others through our own actions. Then, we'll just exclude them from our private business relationships. Great things are being done, just not televised!

lol nose raped dang it

I'm really in love with the part that says some are vaccinating against unemployment, poverty and the likes. The fear of losing ones job is a good enough to take the vaccine. Most government around the world are placing embargoes on people losing their source of livelihood. No one wants to be jobless but everyone in this present dispensation want to lose their freedom of choice. Why is the constitution not speaking and the rights of citizens not protected this day's. Everyone is thinking about safety against the covid-19 pandemic, but no one is thinking about the future implications of the covid-19 vaccine. Like the radiation effects of the twin bomb released in the two Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 6 and 9 August, 1945, that's how the effects of the covid-19 vaccine may be in the nearest future, when you'll hear about high level of stunted growth across the world. That's not my prayers due, but I'm feeling in my spirit that the covid-19 vaccine have a devastating effects on mankind in the future. Thank you.

I am with you, too many making decisions out of fear and not because of the risk to their health. It is sad to watch this all unfold xxx

That's true, it's really sad to watch it happen.

Speaking of stunted, I am horrified to find this.


There is a screaming silence about the jabs, not mentioned even once in the paper, which tries to imply that parenting has so declined since 2019 that the mothers of the children in the study so ignored them that they psychologically harmed them comparably to Romanian orphanages in the 1980s that simply left children in cribs except to feed and change them. There's an elephant in the data, and it's harm in the womb from the jabs, that no one dares to mention in that paper if they want to keep their jobs.

@valued-customer, it's very devastating to see the outcomes of the covid-19 era on freed people who have their rights. I believe that in the nearest future some people who are willing to lose their so called jobs will reveal all the secrets surrounding the covid-19 pandemic.

Adult life is like the schoolyard sadly. What and who is popular is what seems to be valued.

yeah, more and more each day it seems xxx

After months and years worth of trying to have an honest discussion about these things with my ex, I finally came to a sad conclusion. First, people hear what they want to hear. Especially with stubborn women, people are well-equipped to live in denial. Secondly, in her particular case, she had 80% of the traits of a passive aggressive narcissist. Which practically, meant any criticism of her choices, was processed as an attack. And when someone has no capacity to improve, I just couldn't figure out a way through her thick skull.

It's a tough road, and I wholeheartedly support the need for us to vent this crap. It friggin sucks!

I think men can be stubborn too. But I hear you, you can only meet people where they are at.
Yes we certainly need to be able to vent, that is for sure xxx

This whole topic has become rather depressing for me. As I have shared before, the only friends I had here in Stockholm are vaccinated and they don't respect my decision not to get vaccinated. Also, I feel pretty alone in that decision since over 85 % of the population in Sweden is vaccinated.

I'm doing my best to stay positive though and it's so nice to read posts like this.

Hope you are doing well ❤️

@mamrita, it's so sad to hear that you feel alone and disrespected, it's crazy how people get divided so easily (more easily that get united for sure!)... You are definitely not alone! Anyway I don't think we ever belonged to the majority :) We have a life to live and obviously it needs courage to live it the way YOU want!
@trucklife-family you always get to the point!
Love to both of you!

Anyway I don't think we ever belonged to the majority :)

This is so true 🙂

Thank you for your support 🦋

I try never to forget this ;)

Much love to you!!!

Thank you!

I imagine that must be so difficult @mamrita, stay strong my friend, sending you lots of love xxxx

Thank you!

Noice! Good article, @trucklife-family. Just checked back into this platform yesterday after spending months compiling info for Part one of a series I published late yesterday. I am quite amazed to find so many great authors such as yourself, still truckin along here, with such high Reps now. Keep on keepin on and stay in the fast lane....awesome to see you ploughing over the MSM turdpiles!

thanks so much @canusapatriots, good to have you back xxx

This is a great and effective statement supporting making medical choices based on medical information, which has been terribly abused since January 2020. Many people seem to think SARS2 is like the Black Death, and will kill 1/3 of the population. The numbers are much different. At worst, considering especially that the numbers of folks harmed or affected at all were uniquely and extraordinarily inflated with tests that produced as many as 97% false positives, and counting motorcycle crashes and police shootings as deaths from disease, SARS2 has a .03% IFR. Not 33%. .03%.

The outrageous impositions of government worldwide has strongly suggested this was a terribly fatal problem, but it has not been. The people of the world have been terrorized on purpose. We are all of us the victims of terrorism, committed by terrorists in our governments and on our monitors. There hasn't been a pandemic of some pathogen. There has been an ongoing terrorist attack on our freedom and prosperity committed by corrupt billionaires, government 'servants', and talking heads.

Just to complicate matters, ~5% of the batches of jabs have produced 100% of the fatalities reported to VAERS. In other words, the jabs have not been one product from each manufacturer, but have been several, some few of which were deadly.