Zcash Over $100 Twice in 2020

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Zcash is now again testing the $100 resistance, which is heavy, although last time peaked at $119-121. How high will we go this time?

Potential parabolic returns exist in all decentralized economies, but which ones really have the value to hold onto those parabolic gains in price? At least with Zcash, this coin is less than the price of most tech companies stock shares, so being limited to the same 21 Million coins that Bitcoin is also limited too, it seems to provide a lower risk level than other cryptocurrencies to invest in at the moment.

200 Day RSI January 1st 2021 : 49 Risk Severity Index
200 Day RSI February 8th 2021 : 52 Risk Severity Index


Risk has grown very little since the beginning of 2021 for Zcash. Although 49 is high to begin with, that is relatively moderate for a 200 Day RSI in any cybercoin pair to USDt.

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