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May Day and #HPUD makes for good reasons to post on Leo Finance!


I have always loved Leo Finance for the blockchain gateway it is for financial enthusiasts. I have held and staked every token from the initial airdrop and supported my old friend @khaleelkazi just for the sake of it. It is an honour to be in the the Day-1 section so I may as well contribute with some financial perspective from my wild world on

This edition, we are locking value into the blockchain, spreading some more delegations and marketing a new restaurant on Hive.




I stole this once again from our fearless leader @traciyork as the flag we are waving at For the uninitiated, visit that post for details and prizes but the first of each month is a chance for the active, building, content creating, curating crazy people to show solidarity for the blockchain community, and power up what we can. Whether it is socking away Hive, saving Hive Dollars for good exchange rates, or scooping bargain Hive off exchanges, we power whatever we can accumulate and party in unison. See those folks with the enviable stake, good following and bigger upvote value? They have been HPUDing for years back when it was known as SPUD!


This month, I managed to take a little profit out of last months spike in #hive, convert it to a comparatively low-valued #HBD, then rebuy during this month of bargain Hive tokens! A clean 200 and change is a big bump from the 112 I powered up last month. The dollar value of that powerup was somewhere around $135 USD while this month, almost twice as much Hive is worth only ~$160 USD.
I will have to admit that I socked more HBD away into on-chain Savings when I felt I had purchased enough discount Hive and the interest on that savings account changed to 20% APR. If you want to know how valuable that is in the real world, visit your bank and ask to open the savings account with no service fees and 20% APR. Maybe record that and post it on @3speak for some more HBD to save as the bankers reply might just be entertaining.

I recently started to include the HP earned during the month from author and curation rewards in my assessment of how much value I had managed to lock into the blockchain each month. That figure paired with my #HPUD comes to roughly $300 USD (plus HBD savings.) Not too shabby!

Happy HPudding everyone. Each month is a brick in the wall and these are great habits to build that your future self will thank your present self for doing.


#HPUD Sponsorship


Last month, I decided that any HP I manage to stake over 10k should go into delegations. I have started with a couple of 500hp delegations as rewards for a couple people powering up with us. @rayt2 and @hoosie were drawn by Traci and I have had the pleasure of following, curating and enjoying watching their blogs last month.

I will leave those delegations in place until I hear of the new winners this month. With more HP to delegate, I am leaving some of the monthly delegations in place as an extra hand up for engaged people and may delegate to a couple curation engines / engagement rewarding systems. Taking recommendations as I want it to contribute to more active and rewarded people here.



I have made time recently to leverage the @town-crier account which is the blockchain manifestation of our digital marketing company We are consistently finding more reasons that the blockchain is a powerful tool for a marketing company and all small business.


One of our newest clients is Raja Thai and Indian Cuisine and they are soft opening in a couple days. While they have the challenge of quickly polishing their processes and making delicious food, we have the challenge of letting everyone know they should give it a try and making it easy to do so. Leveraging all of the backlinks from and all of the Hive front ends, well we are getting a head start on the SEO as well.

Once they have had a chance to finish up and fire up the tandoor, I will visit, earn some WifePoints©, and write up a review after on the @town-crier account for some more marketing/foodie content on @leofinance, and SEO turbo boost. Delicious!


Finance plays a part in all of our lives, I recommend finding the next big thing on



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I am honoured to curate for:


Did you HPUD?

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Beautiful, helpful and thankful of course. I am curious to know about Raja Thai, the Indian fine dining so I visited their site and saw they are scheduled to open on May the 6th, day after tomorrow. Once again, thank you for all the support @zekepickleman @traciyork and all concerned including @hivebuzz.

Isn't 500 HP the Minnow level? Or is that where you get a percentage slider on your upvotes? Been a while but great to see you rockin' over 1k HP and growing.


This is too technical for me @zekepickleman being a newbie on blockchain but I am doing my best as a mod in one community and a certified member in various others. I am waiting for my appointment letter so I have nothing much to do offline right now for the last 14 months as my company showed me the door due to financial stress. I hope I will keep all my earned Hive here as long as I can and increase my HP.

Congratulations on the power up. HBD rates is so good for a stable coin. That reminds me now I shall add some to savings for the juicy APR !


I started so long away hbd because $Hive had spiked and I hate spending hbd at that ratio. Now, I set a limit order and sock a few here and there. I bet it really adds up!

Hi, thanks again for the delegation over April, that was an amazing gesture, and it was really appreciated.

Also, if it's possible to trade hive for wifepoints on hive engine, then please let me know, as I seriously need some of those !

Many thanks @hoosie

Haha great to meet you!

We are working on the wifepoints model and actually spending too many while doing that so I will have to let you know. Til then, sock em in savings and you will be able to buy in bulk soon!

Nice work this month man. Stacking and staking and growing. That's how ya do it 👏

I did not participate but I was going to until I saw the 100 HP minimum and I only had 3 hours left before the deadline. I have a couple hundred I bought on Ionomy that I will top my account up with if I need it before the first of June and then power up the rest. I had everything but that so it was a disappointment but I was only a week old so I can't get too pissed with myself. I'm probably taking a bunch of aluminum to the scrapyard this week so maybe I'll get a few more, depending on the prices. Switching from fiat to crypto is what kills you, just the BTC fees are what has kept me from buying any crypto with fiat in the last probably year. Plus I don't understand crypto and don't like spending money on things I don't get.