Mockups for the Leofinance Mobile App for App Stores

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It took me almost 24 hours to come up with these designs and well, I think I'm pleased with the outcome. I checked out the other designs and felt overwhelmed like I hadn't done enough but I'm not the judge of that, am I?

So, Leofinance is getting set to do a proper launch on Apple Store and Google Play Store and they have this reward for anyone who can design something dope enough.

I came up with these screens:
iPhone 13 Pro Max  1.png

iPhone 13 Pro Max  2.png

iPhone 13 Pro Max  3.png

iPhone 13 Pro Max  4.png

iPhone 13 Pro Max  5.png

iPhone 13 Pro Max  6.png

iPhone 13 Pro Max  8.png

iPhone 13 Pro Max  9.png


I used a variety of colours because that's one unique feature of the application, they give you the chance to own the app because it's web 3, we own our content.

That's pretty much it. Good luck to the other designers.

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Wow, you made this designs. Yeah it nice as you used different colors since what can also change the theme color on the leofinance app.

Yeah, I thought so too. You like them?

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I'm glad to see so many making beautiful designs and participating in the contest.

These are very nice! Good Luck.

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You really tried, did you use system or phone to do it?

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Nice design :)

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Love the simple and clean designs. But maybe instead of 5 different colors try to use 3 or 2 for the backgrounds - i like the blue, red and green ones.

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Lovely designs you have here.👌👌👍

Did you use canva as well?