Why You Should Be A Financial Minimalist

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Being a financial minimalist has done a lot of good for me and there's no going back from here. I think the only problem is that sometimes, I get indecisive with acquiring new stuff even when it's really necessary to have a particular thing.

My minimalist nature has helped me a lot with managing myself over the years and this probably stemmed from having to make do with the available in times of lack. I never knew how to ask for stuff even as a kid and whatever I had, I used it carefully.

I've always been wise with spending money and I developed a savings culture at the age of 8. Who knows, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that my native name translates to 'Money-woman'.

My mum used to tell me back then that I was stingy with myself and never spent money on me. Funny, but I did spend on me, only on things that I liked and mattered to me. I wasn't saving to squander on some clothes or whatnot, I was more into buying books and saving for a rainy day.

Just as it is with a minimalist lifestyle, financial minimalism is all about focusing on what you need and cutting down on things that are unnecessary. Being a financial minimalist helps you avoid overspending and you're barely ever overwhelmed by money matters.

You focus more on important spending, savings, and on investments. This doesn't mean you become a cheapskate in a bid to be frugal. It only means that you'd always go for quality that offers a better cost per use rather than a cheaper alternative that won't serve for long.

Financial minimalism also brings contentment with your finances and life in general. You get to know yourself more beyond all the things money can get you and you appreciate what you have even while chasing for more.

I do well with what I have now and I'm confident that even when I make more money and possibly become rich, I will still be a content person and carry on with my minimalist ways. You do this for so long and it becomes your whole personality.

When you cut down on all the unimportant bills, you're less stressed and develop order in your finances. It's like decluttering your room and suddenly, you have space to breathe properly and move freely.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all when it comes to financial minimalism but you can start by tracking your spending to know exactly where your money has been going to. From this point onwards, it's easy to identify your wants from needs and begin a declutter.

The journey to being a financial minimalist is a gradual process and one needs not worry when they relapse to old ways, it happens. Make a habit of making well-thought-out spending decisions and have regular check-ins with yourself.

Are you a financial minimalist? How's that working for you?

Thanks for reading!

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Heavy on the contentment.
Being a minimalist, especially financially is pretty much important and kinda challenging.
I’m still struggling with this but at least I can say compared to the past months I’ve improved a lot in cutting down on expenses.

Thanks for sharing this, I’m definitely stealing few tips and adding them to my lifestyle hehe

Glad you found the tips useful and good job on being on your way to a complete financial minimalist life.

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When you cut down on all the unimportant bills, you're less stressed and develop order in your finances.

Agreed, I've been a financial minimalist since I was a child. I spent most of my childhood with my grandmother, who is incredibly modest in her spending habits, which she refers to as discipline. This has helped me cultivate a good saving habit.

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That's awesome! It's important to make kids aware of the benefits of living modest, it definitely pays off when they get older.

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I don't feel like a financial minimalist but I guess that compared to my peers I am. I still see so many things that I could cut out but being married doesn't mean that you always have the final say.

I totally get the last part 😄 You don't make sole decisions every time.

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This science, for me, is not yet available ... I am a maximalist, but not in relation to myself, but in relation to my family as a whole, it should be a lot and tasty)

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That must be a lot of spending, yeah?

Everything is commensurable, and depends on the degree of love for one's family. Unfortunately, prices have risen a lot and the costs are considerable, but I believe in a happy future)

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