El Salvador WAHALA

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I don't like writing about what's happening in the El Salvador.

What's the problem with the citizen because according to what I Saw on news this night that,the citizen of El Salvador are protesting against BTC in the country.
I believe that their government are not ruling the people well, that's while they are protesting against his wish.
El Salvador president need to dialogue with his citizen and solve their problem before going further on this crypto currency city.
Introducing crypto currency in the country are good but the president need to know his people problem and solve it,so that BTC can be strong in the country.
Now they are protesting against it,their protest will be affecting their forex market.
They need to solve their problem,I hope this protest will not be affecting BTC.

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You need to change the focus. 99% chances are that the "popular protests" are being directed by the banking cartel there.

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Ok thank you for the information. Means bank don't want their citizen to see light. Thank you for the information

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Banks are money shops: The sell money (loans). If you guys use something else as money, something that they cannot buy...

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