Ive written my list, ive checked it twice....

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Final list:
@silverd510 (1)
@silverd510 (2)
@silverd510 (3)
@silverd510 (4)

So this is it folks! Ive written my list, ive checked it twice, its now time to find out if youve been naughty or nice...

Ive sent everyone of you your secret santa, and youve got a few days to go stalk check out your SS. Go read their posts, go check their comments and get a feel for what type of collector/stacker they are.


Because we're such an international bunch of ass-kickers, can i just give a few pointers to those of you lucky enough to be sending silver across boarders:

  • check your secret santas country of delivery import rules
  • while its advised to make your packagas as festive as possible, try not to draw any excessive attention to it
  • never lie on any import/export duty form, but do get creative with the truth - calling a 1oz, Silver Brittannia a "metal paper weight" is technically true!! And because it has a face value of just £2($2.42), when it comes to valuing it for import duty tax rate purposes, just say £2, and not the $20 it costs.... All is technically true! This benefits the recipient, as they may get stung for import duty and tax.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. International shipping can take a long time and be expensive. Getting your package in the post ASAP, means you can send it 2nd class and much cheaper than a last minute express delivery.


Now, if you're fortunate enough to have a very well organised sender, uou may get your package well before Christmas day. Can i just remind everyone that this little social experiment was meant to be a Christmas present. So open it on the big day and NOT before.


40+yr old, trying to shift a few pounds and sharing his efforsts on the blockchain. Come find me on STRAVA or actifit, and we can keep each other motivated .


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Good work as always Welshie, even if you are a little late this year.

🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 can't wait🎉🎉🎉🎉

This post was really useful, happy to be a part of this

I will one day be part of the list

You're the best!

Thanks for organizing this once again champ! image 3.png

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