Let's farm some SushiSafe!

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I started farming some SushiSafe yesterday! This is a totally new DeFi project not even listed on Coingecko so you may want to give it a try and hopefully enjoy some easy riches. If you do, please use my ref:  https://sushisafe.org/?a=3d7WRrx6DY1FojBwXU6P29pgFqnq 

For now I am using the YFV I farmed some days ago (using my bat) and as you can see I already have some coins pending

I know, its not much but at least its honest work!

Btw, I believe this hasn't been audited yet so dont use your life savings on this one!

More Info About SushiSafe

SushiSafe is inspired by Uniswap and Sushiswap, SushiSafe aims to provide a better and safer sushi — $SUSAFE.  The total supply of $SUSAFE is capped at 210,000.

Token Contract - SusafeToken (SUSAFE): 0xB5EB2247cD16166d86925dCcFa5b3D083dAa0E5Chttps://etherscan.io/address/0xb5eb2247cd16166d86925dccfa5b3d083daa0e5c

MasterChef contract: 0xc7c5a97300e75F485B240521de214baA681fB029


Vesting schedule:Dev fund (10% of token distribution) will be vested over 21 weeks

Pools:Balancer Pool up to 96/4 — safer than Uniswap (10%)

No instamine advantage. Low emission rate in the 1st half (first 2.5 weeks)

Future developments:
Cross-chain swap and Sharing of mining fee are underway.

UniSwap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xb5eb2247cd16166d86925dccfa5b3d083daa0e5c

To The Moon!?

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Wow! Amazing yield farming with 0$ balance! :D

its on pending harvest... look better smartass

Thats very aggressive tho :o

Dont mind him, he hasnt had any sex for a while.

My FOMO gene is in the mean time a bit down regulated, not to say exhausted :)

Lots of projects springing up in defi !!! I wish to be more educated on defi and what's it's all about

Looks interesting although I’m still chilling on the sidelines. At least until the hot money flows cease.

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Damn these yield farms just keep popping up, lol its crazy how quickly they pull these things together

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After missing out on the uniswap millions I will never underate any project again. Im in tears now.

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I tried doing this but then I ate all the sushi