HiveAuth -- Blockchain Ideas Summit hosted at Oklahoma State University on 9/28/22

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On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise (ISFE) at Oklahoma State University hosted a Blockchain Ideas Summit in Stillwater, OK.

Here are links to posts containing videos from the Summit:

In this particular video, Dr. Steve Trost (@trostparadox) gives a brief overview of the significance of HiveAuth, @arcange provides a detailed explanation of HiveAuth, and the panelists provide commentary and ask questions.

Of particular interest is John Tamny's commentary and question at 0:27:45:

I'm reminded of George Gilder's book Life After Google; if memory serves, he begins it with the nightmare that is passwords, about a password for this and that. I suppose my only skepticism is: this sounds too good to be true. It just would be --- . Would this free me from all the --- ? I've got passwords for everything. Are you really saying that I could save myself from this? It's remarkable, and life-changing.

NOTE: The marginal audio quality of @arcange's presentation was due to technical issues on our end, not his. I did my best to improve the quality via post-processing of the audio files, but it is still marginal.

Also, the University's videography team had conflicts that morning and could not actively film the Summit. So we had to settle for a fixed camera angle. That's why the panelists are off-screen and their comments are audio-only.

The Summit involved presentations of four projects, followed by questions and comments on each project, by a panel of experts.

The projects presented at the Summit were:

(Unfortunately, a memory card failure resulted in the loss of the video and audio for the final two projects.)

The panelists were:

  • John Tamny: author of The Money Confusion: How Illiteracy About Currencies and Inflation Sets the Stage for the Crypto Revolution and 5 other books.
  • George Gilder: author of Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy and Life After Capitalism and 22 other books.
  • Jonathan Button: digital assets portfolio manager; consultant to FIFA on FIFA+ Collect.
  • David Trost: cybersecurity engineer; founder of Compensara Open Money Protocol (COMP).
  • Mike Trisko: CEO of Phore Blockchain project.
  • Matt Starkey (@starkerz): co-founder of 3Speak and SPK Network.
  • Dr. Jesse Reich (@aggroed): co-founder and CEO of Splinterlands; former chemistry professor.
  • Dr. Brian Bishko (@brianoflondon): founder of; inventor of Podping for Podcasting 2.0.
  • @arcange: founder and developer of HiveAuth.
  • Dan Hensley (@theycallmedan): co-founder of 3Speak and SPK Network.

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