The Next Bull Market Will Be About Privacy and Freedom

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A theme is beginning to take shape which could define the next bull market

It is clear now that governments and institutions are continuing their push for more control and less privacy of the people. Without going into any so called conspiracy theories, we can simply see what is unfolding in the world currently: control/centralization over money, energy and food. This is happening in almost all countries simultaneously as we see it in terms of (A) money by the introduction of CBDCs, the war on cash or the monitoring of money flows. We see it in (B) energy in the reduction of cheap and reliant energy thereby forcing people into energy poverty and in (C) food with corporations patenting seeds and buying up farm land as well as farmers being forced to give up their work.

But it seems that this "great reset" as it is called by the WEF is simply favored by the (political) elites and is not really in the interest of the people at large. The constitutions of many countries remind us of this: the first amendments are generally about protecting the rights of the people. We can read about freedom, privacy or the pursuit of happiness of the individual. The founders in the case of the USA but also the authors of some constitutions in Europe anticipated that governments in time were going to undermine these basic rights.

The most recent example is the pandemic in which people quickly lost many basic rights in the name of "health". We now know that most of these measures were unwarranted and were enforced when it was scientifically shown to have only little effect. It is perhaps the best example of what happens when politics enters the field of science and establishes "facts".


The Pushback

However, it is clear that humanity still has a choice. This Agenda is not set in stone and the people can decide if they want to go down a different path all together. We are seeing pushback in all areas: whether it is when people want to keep paying with cash, or demand a right to privacy in all areas of life, or when people question politician's push for renewables without leaving enough time for phasing out traditional energy supplies, when people want to keep their cars instead of "clean" electrical ones, but also when farmers and truckers shut down the (food) economy to raise awareness about what is being done.

But perhaps the biggest pushback comes in the form of crypto currencies. We are at the beginning of what could become one of the greatest revolutions/transitions in human history. The potential is mind boggling of what could be achieved. This realization has yet to enter the collective mind which will lay out an alternative path forward.

A new bull market is coming

At least the TA is fairly clear on this. 2023 should be the start of the next bull market. This might seem odd, considering that we are in the midst of a recession or that one is projected to start in that year. But bull markets always start in the midst of capitulation and maximum FUD.

What if people start to demand these basic human rights of privacy and freedom and crypto is the technology which could hand it to them? What if this is realized on a massive scale? If it is being realized then this might be one of the biggest crypto bull markets ever, in which we will see the decoupling from the legacy economy. If there is a growing demand for private transactions and storing wealth there is no better technology than decentralized crypto.

The bear market we are in currently, has revealed the fallacies of centralized crypto which is a mere copy of the legacy economy. But the original vision of Bitcoin was a complete reversal to the way things work: bringing back power to the individual. There are not many projects/chains that fundamentally share or push forward this vision. Hive is one of the few exceptions. When people at large realize the value in these decentralized systems, the sky will be the limit.

I think next bull cycle will therefore be about giving autonomy back to the individuals, which is what is so desperately needed in a globalized world.




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the pandemic in which people quickly lost many basic rights in the name of "health"

We didn't lose them. We voluntarily gave them up. It was supremely weird. We must not do it again. Just say no. I said no the last time, and boy did I lose friends fast. It's OK. I made new ones, with other people who said no. There are a lot of us! Now we all must be brave.

Autonomy to the people!

good point! It is scary how the majority of people could be fooled like this; and even today people are generally not open to changing their views of the obvious wrongs that were done. But I guess it also opened the eyes of some others which could lead to more positive change.

Now that nearly everyone I know who got the jab has also gotten covid recently, I think some of the trust we placed in authority is wearing off. They sure did screw up the world with their measures. It wasn't covid (nature) that harmed us all, it was the man made measures. The WHO wants us to believe that only they can handle a pandemic, but they failed miserably with this one, so why should we?

Will they give up their power so easily though?

They will never give it up, but the point I believe is that we can simply build an alternative system which will surpass the old one completely. Can a bank or government stop me from sending you some Hive or some bitcoin? We can already see that by building these decentralized systems their power will ultimately fade

Yes, it will give us the opportunity to break free. 👍

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Well written! 👍👍

thank you!